Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital Signs for MEDITECH’s Web Acute EHR

Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital announced they will be implementing MEDITECH’s Web Acute EHR solution early next year.

June 19, 2017 | 6.1 SigningsPress Releases (Westwood, Mass.) —

As part of their mission to “Elevate the Standard of Healthcare” in their community, Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital (OVSH) announced they will be implementing MEDITECH’s Web Acute Electronic Health Record (EHR) early next year. Located in Springfield, Ohio, the physician-owned, high volume and award-winning hospital was established to provide outstanding surgical and medical care in an environment of personalized service. “At OVSH, our physicians, nurses and staff are dedicated to delivering high quality patient care,” Craig Terrell, CIO at OVSH said. “We asked all EHR vendors in the vetting process to answer these three questions: tell us what your system was like three years ago, tell us where it is today, and tell us where you’re going,” Terrell said. “MEDITECH was the only vendor to release products after ARRA—that’s huge. It tells us that MEDITECH is a partner that will continue to research, develop, and work with us to enhance our EHR over the years.” MEDITECH’s one patient, one record strategy eliminates the extra documenting hospital staff does on paper. Currently at OVSH, data is entered multiple times in different systems, leading to duplicate data entry and a more time-consuming pre-registration, surgery, and discharge processes. “We are really looking forward to streamlining our workflows,” Terrell said. “With MEDITECH, there will be no workarounds. The system is also customizable; it enables us to build the screens that work best for our organization.” Automation with an electronic chart can help to alleviate human error, leading to safer patient care. This is why Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital found it important to invest in a solution and company that continues to innovate and transform healthcare. “When we were evaluating EHRs, we ranked the key factors, including: price, implementation, ease of use for our physicians, accounting and revenue cycle. Clinical data integrity and flow carried the most weight, however, and the MEDITECH EHR was the way to go.” Learn more about how MEDITECH’s clinically-integrated Web EHR is transforming care delivery.


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