Northwell Direct, Conversa Offer COVID-19 HealthCheck for New York Schools and Employers

With the COVID-19 HealthCheck, employees use a simple conversational chat to check for exposure to the coronavirus and get a digital “badge” when cleared. [Credit: Conversa Health]


Northwell Direct today announced that it is partnering with Conversa Health to offer the COVID-19 HealthCheck, a screening tool for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The tool is easy to use, efficient and confidential, and allows retailers, schools, hotels, sporting and entertainment venues and other employers to create and maintain a safe environment for employees, customers, students and visitors.

“As businesses throughout New York and the country confront rising caseloads in their area, the first job of every employer is to ensure a safe and healthy workplace,” said Nick Stefanizzi, CEO of Northwell Direct, a Northwell Health company that provides customizable health care solutions to employers in the tri-state area. “Conversa’s COVID-19 HealthCheck is a fast, easy, evidence-based way to clear people for work or put them on a path to care – without compromising privacy or creating bottlenecks.”

This is the first introduction of the COVID-19 HealthCheck to the tri-state region. In use more than 125,000 times every workday, HealthCheck has proven to help businesses, universities, health systems and other venues across the country.

Employees use the HealthCheck from home before each workday, clicking on a secure link on their phone, tablet or computer to engage in a simple, conversational automated chat that checks for possible exposure to the new coronavirus and potential symptoms of infection. The chat takes about a minute and a half, and after completion, employees who are cleared for the day receive a digital “badge” that they can display for entry to the workplace. If they are not cleared, they are instructed to stay home and are given guidance on the appropriate steps to take for testing and care. The process is similar when colleges and universities provide the HealthCheck for use by faculty and students.

Employers who roll out the HealthCheck are notified of the aggregated and de-identified results of their workforce’s daily screens, providing information that can help them manage their business, adjust staffing and make decisions about reopening or temporarily closing specific worksites. The HealthCheck is continually updated to reflect the latest coronavirus guidelines from the CDC and other scientific organizations.

Northwell Direct clients can use the HealthCheck on its own or as part of a portfolio of tools built to help curb the spread of COVID-19. For instance, if a client uses Northwell Direct’s clinical concierge service, employees whose responses raise any concerns will be guided to connect with that service, which includes a 24/7 nurse line and an extensive care management team. Northwell Direct can also provide diagnostic (PCR) and antibody testing for COVID-19 and return-to-work assessments. Overall, Northwell Direct offers a holistic approach that leverages the knowledge of Northwell Health’s experts in infectious disease, occupational health, workforce safety, behavioral health and well-being.

Northwell Health is an investor in Conversa and uses its conversational, AI-enabled automated virtual care & triage programs across the health system to manage and engage with patients more effectively and efficiently. Northwell uses Conversa in numerous areas, including management of chronic conditions, follow-up after hospital discharge, preparation for and follow-up after surgery and procedures, OB-GYN and cancer care. Conversa has enabled Northwell to improve care coordination and access to care, reduce hospital readmissions, increase patient adherence to treatment plans and cut the cost of patient follow-up.

“COVID-19 has created both a health crisis and an economic crisis for our country,” said Murray Brozinsky, CEO of Conversa Health. “Conversa is honored to be helping Northwell communicate to and care for its large, diverse patient population, including tens of thousands dealing with COVID-19. HealthCheck is a natural extension, enabling Northwell Direct to bring automated virtual care to employers, schools and the community at large.”