MEDITECH Selects Google Cloud to Power EHR Solutions

To offer cloud based solutions via subscription model, delivered on Google Cloud

MEDITECH introduced MEDITECH Cloud Platform—a suite of solutions available to healthcare organizations of all sizes that further extend the possibilities of the Expanse Electronic Health Record (EHR). This offering includes: Expanse NOWHigh Availability SnapShot, and Virtual Care solutions, all created to work naturally in the cloud, and available through a subscription model.

Multiple MEDITECH Cloud Platform solutions are built on Google Cloud, enabling healthcare organizations to further personalize their EHR in a way that is secure, reliable, and easy to maintain.

“MEDITECH Cloud Platform is the pivotal next step in offering healthcare organizations the technology and tools they need to achieve their care, financial, and provider goals,” said MEDITECH Vice President of Advanced Technology Scott Radner. “These integrated cloud-based solutions give our customers the security, availability, affordability, and flexibility they need — no matter their size or budget. Additionally, our hybrid model provides cloud advantages to both hosted and traditional installations.”

Expanse NOW is a mobility app that empowers physicians to manage everyday tasks and coordinate care on their smartphone device. Integrated with Expanse, tasks and messages can flow between workload and the app in real time.

High Availability SnapShot provides healthcare organizations with immediate access to key patient data in the event of unexpected or planned downtime. Patient information such as medications, allergies, orders, and more is backed up securely and accessible via cellular-connected devices.

Virtual Care gives new and existing patients access to urgent virtual care on demand through the healthcare organization’s website, as well as the ability to schedule virtual visit appointments. New patients who request Virtual Care are automatically enrolled in the Patient Portal, connecting them to the organization and in turn, enabling organizations to grow their business.

The Expanse NOW and High Availability SnapShot solutions leverage Google Cloud’s core capabilities including compute and storage (as well as their healthcare-specific data, analytics, security, and identity management solutions) alongside existing on-prem solutions to provide high availability and continuity of care in a secure and scalable service. They can be easily accessible to critical care staff to improve healthcare continuity across MEDITECH-powered healthcare organizations.

“Access to healthcare data is critical to ensuring high-quality care, particularly as more and more care is delivered virtually,” said Joe Miles, Managing Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences at Google Cloud.

“We’re excited that MEDITECH has selected Google Cloud to deploy its next-generation EHR platform, and look forward to partnering with healthcare organizations to build a foundation for a digital-first future.”

Healthcare organizations can select one or a combination of the solutions from MEDITECH Cloud Platform. The flexibility of the subscription model enables a quick setup as well as the ability to add solutions as needed. Additionally, the cloud combined with the subscription model provides opportunities to add solutions in the future.