New Mobile Health Program Helps Women Achieve Balance and Whole Health

Mevii™ Builds and Supports Emotional Well-Being in the Workplace

Thrive 4-7, a woman owned health-technology startup, announces the launch of Mevii™, a mobile program designed to empower women to manage emotional health and well-being. Mevii offers an innovative solution that encourages personal responsibility, teaches how to change unhealthy habits and promotes a well-balanced lifestyle.

Chronic conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and depression, cost employers billions of dollars each year in lost productivity, absenteeism and disability. Helping individuals emotionally self-regulate and build healthy habits improves outcomes for a wide range of chronic conditions, thereby reducing associated costs. Just as people learn to make healthy lifestyle changes by modifying their food choices and staying active, dealing with stressors, changing negative thoughts and progressing with positive intentions are skills that can be taught.

Based on therapeutic principles and the latest research in adult learning, Mevii doesn’t just tell women what to change, but teaches them how to incorporate positive behaviors and thinking into their daily life. Easy-to-follow modules are broken down into quests, tools and engaging sessions that go beyond simply reading information or reviewing charts that display daily activity data. Users experience interactive video scenarios, personal practice exercises and individually tailored feedback and encouragement.

Mevii’s ease of use and affordability are especially important given that access to care and stigma often interfere with an individual’s ability and willingness to seek help for emotional challenges. As Connie Mester, Thrive 4-7 Founder and CEO, says, “Mevii is designed to be easily incorporated into a person’s day. Users access the program privately, on their smartphone or tablet, when they need to.”

An evidence-based and flexible solution, “Mevii is not just for women suffering from chronic health challenges,” says Mester. “Mevii can be used by any woman looking to lead a healthier, happier life.” By encouraging ongoing practice and reflection, users build healthy habits that lead to lasting positive behaviors, which in turn can help businesses lower medical costs, reduce absenteeism and improve productivity.


About Thrive 4-7

Thrive 4-7 (Thrive4 is a woman-owned company that uses emerging mobile technologies and a person-centered approach to design programs that empower people to achieve and sustain well being. Using proven techniques and evidence-based methodologies, Thrive 4-7 is dedicated to creating responsive, purposeful programs that influence change and deliver improved health outcomes with the potential for large-scale impact.