Doximity Membership Surpasses 500,000 US Doctors

Doctors Turn to Professional Network to Improve Patient Care

Doximity, the leading medical network, today announced it has crossed the 500,000 member milestone.  In just over four years since launch, nearly two-thirds of US physicians have joined to Doximity to connect, collaborate, and collectively provide better care for their patients.

“This is a significant milestone for us and a new high water mark for medical communication,” said Jeff Tangney, CEO of Doximity. “Doximity has become the master directory and CV of record for physicians, and is rapidly becoming the largest unified platform for US care coordination.”

A few ways physicians are using Doximity include:

HIPAA-secure communication: Dr. Sandeep Krishnan, cardiologist in California, used Doximity’s free HIPAA-secure digital fax app for an urgent transfer of records when treating a patient with a STEMI (heart attack). “The patient had had a bypass operation in the past, but I was not familiar with his bypass graft anatomy. I was able to get his outside hospital surgical records faxed to my secure inbox within 10 minutes. This shaved 30 minutes off our door-to-balloon time and helped us save more of this patient’s myocardium!”

A rolodex of all US physicians: For Dr. Faisal Chawla, pediatrician at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, using Doximity to find an expert referral helped properly diagnose a patient. “I had a pediatric patient with suspected Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS). The prescribed treatments were not working and the patient continued to be readmitted for dehydration and seizures. Using Doximity, I found an expert in CVS located in Los Angeles who could evaluate him. Turns out, rather than CVS, the patient had a rare genetic disorder where he is unable to process certain proteins, and it can be managed with dietary modifications and over the counter supplements.”

Keeping up with clinical research: Dr. Victor Liou, a preliminary medicine resident at NorthShore University HealthSystem in Evanston, IL and future ophthalmologist uses Doximity’s personalized clinical news to educate himself and his patients. “I had patients worried about symptoms of menopause lasting multiple years, afraid they might have cancer or a psychological disorder. Fortunately, I was browsing Doximity DocNews one morning and there was an article on the topic that I was able to share with my patients and calm their fears.”

Doximity members also use the network to manage their careers and find new clinical opportunities. Physicians interested in joining Doximity can visit and claim their profile.


About Doximity

Launched in 2011, Doximity ( connects physicians to make them more successful and productive. With nearly two-thirds of all US physicians as members, collaborating across every specialty and academic medical center, Doximity is the largest secure medical network in the country. Doximity is headquartered in Silicon Valley and was created by the founders of Epocrates.