Modernizing Medicine Becomes Member of CommonWell Health Alliance

Modernizing Medicine joins the Alliance’s diverse group of members in pursuit of a shared vision of providing better care and outcomes for providers and the people they serve

Modernizing Medicine announced that it is joining CommonWell Health Alliance as a Contributor member. CommonWell is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to cross-vendor interoperability that assures provider access to health data regardless of where care occurs. As the nation’s leading developer of specialty-specific, data-driven and cloud-based electronic health records (EHR), practice management and revenue cycle management systems, Modernizing Medicine is in a unique position to positively contribute to data sharing thereby improving patient outcomes, both at an individual patient level and larger population health level.

Modernizing Medicine, along with CommonWell’s other members, will produce and deploy nationwide interoperability services that will contribute to improved healthcare delivery. CommonWell services include person enrollment, record location, patient identification and linking, and data query and retrieval across the healthcare continuum. Today, CommonWell services are live at more than 1,200 provider sites, ranging from large acute hospitals to rural specialty practices, nationwide.

“Modernizing Medicine shares our vision that health data should be accessible to individuals and providers no matter where they receive care,” said Nick Knowlton, Membership Committee chair for CommonWell Health Alliance and Vice President at Brightree. “We are confident that as we continue to add members such as Modernizing Medicine we can expand our coverage and accelerate the nationwide expansion of our real-world interoperability services.”

Modernizing Medicine is transforming how healthcare information is created, consumed and utilized with our specialty-specific, data-driven and cloud-based EHR, practice management and revenue cycle management systems. Our suite—built by specialty physicians and practice management professionals—is designed to transform clinical, financial and operational aspects of dermatology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, plastic surgery, rheumatology and urology practices. By joining CommonWell Health Alliance as a Contributor member, we will help improve interoperability and bring even more value to the specialties we serve.

“The missions of CommonWell and Modernizing Medicine complement each other, and our membership with CommonWell will no doubt drive improvement to interoperability, which is a key component to helping improve health outcomes and reduce the costs of healthcare in the United States,” said Daniel Cane, CEO and co-founder of Modernizing Medicine. “Modernizing Medicine is honored to help expand access to CommonWell cross-vendor interoperability services which are essential to the exchange of health data along the care continuum.”