Get Real Health’s CHBase™ Gives Healthcare Providers a 360° View of Patients’ Health

Healthcare providers and patients finally get a way to securely share full range of health data for improved outcomes in latest release.

Patient health data is plentiful these days, held in clinical systems like EHRs and HIEs and even patients’ personal fitness and home health devices. But there’s a problem: Much of that data is walled off where healthcare providers can’t see it, in other providers’ EMRs and patients’ fitness apps, glucometers, and blood pressure meters. Worse still, patients have no easy way to see or share all their health data with physicians, nor can they combine this data with key information from multiple providers.

The result: Providers have been missing key aspects of their patients’ medical and health history and activities, and have no way to see how one set of information informs or affects the other. Inaccessible data impedes providers’ ability to draw correlations, see trends, and make more informed decisions to improve outcomes.

Get Real Health’s CHBase™ solves these problems by combining clinical data and personal health data to create a comprehensive view of a patient’s health. CHBase is a data aggregation and application development platform built to maximize the value of data. The platform allows patients to contribute data from their favorite apps and home health devices while retrieving clinical data from providers. This data can be pulled into patient-oriented health applications or population health management and customer analytics systems. Further capabilities allow innovators to create, develop and connect other systems and applications through the CHBase APIs.

“Our latest release of CHBase is such a game changer for healthcare providers, because it acts like a superpower, enabling them to gather and use data to improve patient outcomes like never before,” said Get Real Health President and Founding Partner Robin Wiener.

Provider Organizations Finally Get Vital Data

CHBase gives healthcare providers a 360 degree view of patient health data, leading to better and more complete information at the point of care. Doctors gain the ability to see which patients are engaged in their own health and track their progress. And their patients will feel more engaged and motivated to take care of their health knowing that their doctors can monitor their health-related activities. CHBase also gives providers more complete and accurate information about their patients for better customer intelligence, enabling them to tailor interventions based on the level of patient involvement to improve outcomes.

Patients Get to Share Data

Patients remain free to use the home health devices and fitness apps they like, while gaining the ability to securely share their data with providers, friends and family — and control exactly who has access to which pieces of information. They can also consolidate their information with the data their providers have on them into a single location.

Developers Can Focus on Apps

CHBase provides mature and comprehensive interfaces, health data types, and operations, so developers can focus on their application rather than on database architecture. Apps can operate on patient/end-user data that already exists. Get Real Health offers Software Development Kits (SDKs) with sample apps, programmer utilities and documentation to help developers get started quickly, and HIPAA-compliant data security and audit logging are already included.

Extra Powerful with InstantPHR®

As a revolutionary data aggregation and application platform, CHBase benefits healthcare providers, patients and developers. When deployed in tandem with Get Real Health’s patient engagement platform, InstantPHR®, however, CHBase creates an amazingly effective solution that engages and empowers patients through access to all of their health information in one secure, interactive portal.