Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Uses PerfectServe to Streamline Transfer Center Communications


PerfectServe technology creates standard for patient transfer requests

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare has adopted PerfectServe’s call center solution to streamline and centralize its patient transfer operations. PerfectServe is a leading provider of cloud-based clinical collaboration and provider scheduling solutions.

“PerfectServe has greatly enhanced our patient transfer process by creating a frictionless platform, where we seamlessly communicate and focus on logistics instead of workflows and processes,” said Crile Crisler, Jr., Senior Director of MLH Integrated Operations Center and Telehealth. “The result is a holistic approach to resource planning and evaluating our system capacity in real time.”

Enhancements include decreased patient bed availability wait time and improvements to patient discharge time and bed-turnaround time.

The project began when the Memphis-based healthcare system, comprised of six hospitals and more than 100 non-acute facilities, launched its Integrated Operations Center (IOC) three years ago. The project team had three goals in mind for the IOC: improve patient flow, reduce patient wait times, and create a one-call experience for any organization seeking access to MLH physicians and services.

MLH partnered with PerfectServe to make its cloud-based call center solution the communication backbone of the IOC, which has been key to the center’s overall success. PerfectServe is the only vendor on the market that offers full call center capability using a cloud delivery model as part of a broader healthcare communication platform. The solution tightly integrates with other clinical and IT systems to give customers a single operator console capable of driving all collaboration efforts.

With PerfectServe’s call center solution in place, MLH can easily make the system’s resources available to their referring partners. Supported workflows include:

  • Quickly connecting an EMS provider with the inpatient floor that will be receiving a patient.

  • Connecting an outside hospital nurse to a bedside nurse to facilitate exchange of a patient report.

  • Working with the house supervisor to expedite bed availability when an emergent patient is arriving.

  • Talking with a unit secretary to understand a patient’s transportation needs and collect demographic information prior to transfer.

“We’ve spent years building and optimizing a purposeful call center product that allows customers to access both the clinical network and patient context necessary to improve patient care,” said PerfectServe Chief Product Officer Ben Moore. “This project is proof positive that this modern technology results in fewer delays in transfer completion, less frustration for clinicians and fewer potential negative impacts to patient health & safety.”

Beyond helping customers manage inbound calls and access critical information from clinical and IT systems in real time, PerfectServe’s call center solution allows them to:

  • Join virtual queues from any location

  • View patient care team members and contact clinicians instantly

  • Locate on-call physicians without looking at paper schedules

  • Engage with patients and their family members or caregivers via text message or voice call

  • Access patient data at any time via integration with leading EHR systems

  • Easily see call queues, active calls, parked callers, and call history

This project was the subject of a recent webinar. To hear the full story with commentary from Moore and Crisler, watch the replay here.