Medlio Wins Allscripts Open API Patient Engagement Challenge

Allscripts judges, including both employees and customers, overwhelmingly selected Medlio as the winner of The Allscripts Open API Patient Engagement Challenge, hosted by Health 2.0. More than 20 companies submitted applications showing how their software can access clinical data using FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) to create engaging patient experiences.

According to Tina Joros, Allscripts Developer Program Director, “We saw a number of exciting solutions that enable patients to access their own healthcare data in meaningful ways. Medlio really stood out because of how they roll many of these functionalities into a single, integrated experience. I’m looking forward to making this available to patients with fast and easy access to data stored in an Allscripts solution.”

Medlio, a health IT startup founded in 2013, gained early attention around its patent-pending virtual health insurance card, which is a smartphone application that enables users to check insurance benefits, such as status and deductible accumulators, in real-time. The company has continued to extend its digital check-in capabilities, and now sees the opportunity to eliminate clipboards once and for all.

“We’ve always had the notion of empowering consumers to own and control their own data. Meaningful Use Stage 3, and broader interoperability initiatives like FHIR, will soon make accessing your health data as easy as consolidating financial data from disparate sources. We see it as the perfect opportunity not only to capture health data, but to put it to work,” said Founder and Chief Customer Officer Lori Mehen.

Meet Medlio from Medlio on Vimeo.

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