MD Revolution and Cardiac Solutions Achieve 50% Reduction in 30-Day Cardiovascular Readmissions Using RevUp Remote Care


Study shows a sustained readmission rate reduction over the full year

MD Revolution, a remote care management solutions for health systems and multi-specialty clinics, along with there partner Cardiac Solutions, achieved a 50% reduction in hospital cardiovascular readmission rates by using RevUp Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management as part of their program.

Cardiac Solutions, a physician-owned practice in West Phoenix celebrated for its personalized treatment plans, conducted the study across 26,689 unique patients. Starting from already low readmission rates, Cardiac Solutions achieved a 7% 30-day readmission rate for patients using RevUp remote care management vs. 15% for patients not enrolled, representing a 50% reduction in readmissions for patients using RevUp remote care management.

The study also showed sustained benefits on an annual basis, demonstrating efficacy and high cost-savings potential. Patients utilizing RevUp for one year achieved a 19% readmission rate vs 30% for patients not enrolled. This equates to one hospital readmission saved for every 10 patients enrolled in RevUp.

With the average cost of a cardiac readmission around $15,000 per patient, effective remote care monitoring and chronic care management solutions have the potential to create massive savings for patients and health systems.

Hospital readmission is disruptive to patients, caregivers, families and health systems. A readmission puts the patient at risk of additional complications, such as infection. The National Institutes of Health estimates cardiac readmission rates, including heart attacks and heart failure, to be 16-22% across all U.S. hospitals.

“A 50% reduction in readmissions translates to millions in savings annually for a large health system or practice, with tremendous benefits for patients, especially those enrolled in Medicare,” said Kyle Williams, CEO, MD Revolution.

“The significant reductions in hospitalizations at 30 days and extending to one year are a powerful statement to the effectiveness of Medicare’s chronic care and remote patient monitoring programs,” said Samir Damani, M.D., Co-Founder of MD Revolution and Board-Certified Cardiologist. “The clinical impact is remarkable given that only 10 people have to be enrolled in the program to prevent a single hospital readmission. This is almost an order of magnitude greater in clinical impact than what is seen from common therapies such as statins used in millions of people in the prevention of coronary heart disease. Accordingly, anyone who qualifies should be enrolled in a chronic care management program.”

“Population health management is important to us, and MD Revolution’s RevUp engagement technology and care team made a clear difference in the health of our patients.” said Christine Onstott, Director of Operations, Cardiac Solutions. “Our goal was to reach patients with chronic conditions and provide them with quality care in between their already scheduled in-office visits with cardiologists. Keeping a patient out of the hospital is good for the patient, insurance providers, and hospitals.”

For this program, Cardiac Solutions utilized MD Revolution’s full-service remote care program, including MD Revolution’s care management platform and clinical health coaching teams.  Additionally, MD Revolution provides a robust technology solution for clinicians who wish to administer their own remote care programs.