Lunavi Helps i-Function Drive Innovation and Modernization with Breakthrough Software Products Designed to Improve Functional Skills

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Lunavi (formerly Green House Data), a provider of modern application solutions, has successfully launched a new modernized Software as a Service (SaaS) product for their client i-Function, a healthcare software company that provides products designed to detect early cognitive changes and assess and train everyday functional skills.

i-Function products, such as FUNSAT, help people bridge the technology gap. The software is designed to help older people and people with cognitive impairments including Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) regain skills or acquire new ones, such as those needed to manage and use technology, by leveraging an evidence-based, functional skills assessment and training software platform.

After gaining traction with the first versions of FUNSAT, i-Function sought to improve the reach, scalability, performance, and features of their application. Client feedback indicated the compatibility requirements were restrictive, so i-Function wanted a partner that could help modernize the software platform to take advantage of cloud services and allow users to access the service anywhere, from a multitude of devices, greatly expanding the company’s ability to improve lives.

“Usually when you’re developing software, you’re building it for people who are comfortable using the technology,” said Peter Kallestrup, i-Function CEO and co-founder. “That’s often not the case with our users, so we need to ensure our product is usable for a wide range of users with varying skills and experiences.”

The i-Function team had a strong background in healthcare and research, but lacked specific experience working with Agile software delivery and cloud platforms. They chose Lunavi to help architect and deploy a new SaaS version of FUNSAT that would prepare the company for future growth and new capabilities.

“For organizations like i-Function that have a great vision and a great product but are just getting started, our goal is to create a solution that meets their needs and can grow with them,” said Mike Douglas, Director of Delivery Engineering at Lunavi. “By building on a platform like Azure, they have ready access to all the app tools and services, reporting capabilities, data analytics, whatever they need, without having to go back and rework anything or make a huge upfront investment.”

Lunavi went beyond application development and cloud architecture to work alongside i-Function and implement an Agile product delivery method that allows quicker feature releases and faster response to client demand. These processes, along with the Azure cloud-based platform, have allowed i-Function to release its third generation of FUNSAT, which is compatible with a wider range of devices and incorporates updated training modules and more advanced features. It will allow users to augment onsite training by also using the tools at home, without the need for continuous support.

“From the start, our relationship with Lunavi has been very constructive and collaborative,” Kallestrup said. “They work with us as partners, bringing ideas and helping us talk through problems and possibilities.”

These improvements will also facilitate partnerships with third-party healthcare providers and corporations to a greater extent. But for the development team and i-Function leadership, the greatest reward is the difference the products make in the lives of real people.

“We build a lot of different types of software, but it’s not every day that we get to be involved in building a product and platform that can help make people’s lives better,” said Douglas. “This is something our entire team believes in strongly.”