DarioHealth Publishes Research Confirming the Impact of a Digital Therapeutic Platform and Live Coaching on Diabetes Outcomes

New Results Further confirm the Relationship Between Personalization and Outcomes

DarioHealth Corp. (Nasdaq: DRIO), a pioneer in the global digital therapeutics market, today announced the publication of a new study through a Letter to the Editor in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology. The study is titled “Digital Therapeutics for Type 2 Diabetes: Incorporating Coaching Support and Validating Digital Monitoring.”

People living with Type 2 diabetes have complicated self-care requirements that can make better health difficult to achieve. Although consumers have access to a wide variety of digital and app-based diabetes management tools, there is little clinical and self-reported evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of digital self-monitoring combined with coaching.

In this new study, participants using Dario’s digital therapeutics for diabetes management were monitored for both clinical and self-reported impact. Over a period of three months, participants tracked blood glucose levels in the Dario app and worked with a live Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES), leading to demonstrated clinically significant improvements on lab test results, platform-based data and self-reported data.

This new research presents several key clinical data points:

  • 2.0% reduction in average HbA1c lab values for participants
  • Significant reduction in additional lab values such as Fasting Blood Glucose (18%) and Body Mass Index (BMI) (10%)
  • Statistically significant improvement in glucose variability
  • Significant improvement in self-reported evaluation in weight and glucose control satisfaction

Further interaction analysis also indicated participant’s engagement with a CDCES served to predict positive reductions in glucose variability in the following week, adding additional understanding of the impact of live coaching as a complement to digital self-monitoring.

“This clinical study re-confirms the persistent and substantial estimated HbA1c reductions we see in our other studies by demonstrating actual HbA1c reductions.  The present study, while small, demonstrated a robust 2.0% reduction in measured HbA1c along with reductions in glucose variability,” said Dr. Omar Manejwala, Chief Medical Officer of DarioHealth.

“These findings add valuable data to the little-understood application of digital self-monitoring and coaching in diabetes management,” said Yifat Hershcovitz, Ph.D., Scientific and Clinical Director at DarioHealth. “Our findings provide clinical validation for digital self-monitoring to deliver personalized care alongside access to a live coach.  The study demonstrates our data-driven technology is working for people with type 2 diabetes, guiding them in making effective decisions in diabetes management.”

This new research complements recent research by Dario published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research on the subject of engagement and sustained behavior change, adding to the company’s growing intelligence of how highly personalized digital therapeutics can be most effectively deployed to improve health and outcomes.

This article, “Digital Therapeutics for Type 2 Diabetes: Incorporating Coaching Support and Validating Digital Monitoring”, by Yifat Hershcovitz, PhD., and published in Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, will be free to access for a limited time and can be read here.