LifeOmic offers first of its kind healthcare IT ransomware protection guarantee

INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis-headquartered technology company LifeOmic is announcing today a first-of-its kind guarantee in the healthcare information technology industry against cyber-attacks and ransomware breaches.

The cloud-based LifeOmic Precision Medicine Platform™ (PMP) guarantees that private data stored on the platform is always safe and protected from cyber-attacks. Under this guarantee LifeOmic will reimburse up to $1 million per customer for certain data losses due to unauthorized account activity. This guarantee is also in addition to any contractual obligations LifeOmic may have under HIPAA and resulting negotiated Business Associate Agreements.

“It’s no secret that ransomware attacks against healthcare organizations have skyrocketed in recent years. Exploits such as WannaCry have become a huge impediment in the healthcare industry and existing healthcare IT approaches offer little protection.” states LifeOmic founder and CEO Don Brown, MD. “It’s clear that patient data is extremely vulnerable. LifeOmic is raising the bar – health data must be ultra-secure, and our cloud platform was specifically designed from the ground up to meet modern cybersecurity needs and be protected from whatever virus, malware or hacker might come for it.”

Active LifeOmic customers are immediately eligible for the guarantee and new customers are automatically covered on day one of service. The guarantee is also provided at no extra charge.

There are certain reasonable actions an organization needs to take to maintain protection, and LifeOmic PMP customers are also required to adopt LifeOmic’s recommended data protection security practices. But, in the highly improbable event that a customer’s data becomes unrecoverable or its integrity is irreversibly compromised as a result of a security breach due to no fault of their own, LifeOmic is responsible for any financial extortion payment or service reimbursement for up to $1 million per customer.

“It’s extremely difficult to keep up with all the places where health IT infrastructure can be breached. Our cloud-native architecture is built using a data-centric, zero trust model that allows us to create virtually air-gapped production environments to protect customer’s data. And with extensive automation, all customer accounts are centrally monitored and audited. Any potential vulnerability is immediately alerted and remediated across the platform.” explains Erkang Zheng, Chief Information Security Officer at LifeOmic.

“We are effectively staying one step ahead of the bad guys in a way that on-premises or hosted healthcare IT deployments can’t match due to their complexity, manual overhead, lack of visibility and slow incident response time. Cybersecurity-hardened solutions are no longer nice-to-have but have become critical and fundamental so healthcare IT departments can more easily and comprehensively protect patient data.” More information about LifeOmic’s ransomware guarantee and robust data security practices may be found at

About LifeOmic

LifeOmic is a rapidly growing technology company pioneering the use of secure cloud platforms, DNA sequencing and big data analytics to advance the development of precision medicine. The LifeOmic Precision Medicine Platform™ is a secure cloud service for the longterm storage, retrieval, analysis and use of genomic and other medical information increasingly critical to patient care. LifeOmic’s founder and CEO Don Brown, MD is one of Indiana’s most successful entrepreneurs and founded two of the first three software companies in Indiana to be publicly traded on NASDAQ. LifeOmic has offices in Indianapolis, Research Triangle Park, and Salt Lake City. ##

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