Let’s Talk Interactive and Texas A&M Health Expand Access to Tele-behavioral Care.

Telebehavioral Health Director and Clinical Associate Professor at the Texas A&M School of Medicine and School of Education and Human Development Carly McCord, PhD.

The relationship will help people receive tele-behavioral care when and where they need it.

Let’s Talk Interactive (LTI), a provider of HIPAA-compliant telehealth software and hardware, partnered with the Texas A&M University Health Science Center (Texas A&M Health) to expand access to tele-behavioral care across Texas to underserved populations. This expansion will provide critical services to students, faculty, local communities and government-run programs, like the Texas Child Health Access Through Telemedicine (TCHATT) program.

Together, LTI and Texas A&M Health are innovating virtual care by consolidating the university’s tele-behavioral capabilities into one streamlined workflow for providers and patients. This allows the university to improve access to tele-behavioral care when and where patients need it.

“By working with LTI, an innovator in virtual care, we are able to consolidate our tele-behavioral care capabilities and address the challenges we have faced in making care accessible—from reducing the number of no-show appointments to improving tele-behavioral care coordination. This allows us to shift the focus to the care experience and make it seamless for all students, patients, providers and our communities across the state,” said Carly McCord, PhD, director of Telebehavioral Health and clinical associate professor at the Texas A&M School of Medicine and School of Education and Human Development.

LTI’s platform gives Texas A&M tele-behavioral care clinicians access across multiple departments, verticals and languages, regardless of their location, utilizing one account. Texas A&M also influenced the development of a unique and robust cloud recording feature that’s beneficial for training and future research by enabling organizations to have sensitive information recorded and stored in a secure location.

“We greatly value our relationship with Texas A&M,” said Art Cooksey, CEO and founder of LTI. “Together, we are leveraging the university’s unparalleled experience in providing care and mental health resources to the people of Texas and LTI’s custom software development to develop an even better virtual care product.”

Regarding mental health care, LTI and Texas A&M are helping to transform the teaching environment by equipping the next generation of psychologists and mental health professionals with the latest telehealth innovations. Texas A&M has even had the opportunity to work with LTI on customizations specific to their account that can benefit LTI’s platform as a whole. This helps providers track patient progress through the inclusion of custom reporting and notification settings for assessments such as the Patient Health Questionnaire-9.

“Using this new platform, we expect to provide over 7,000 sessions annually for tele-behavioral care in schools, jails, community centers, primary care clinics and directly to patients on their own devices. Through this relationship, we expect to expand our geographic reach in hard-to-reach and low-bandwidth areas,” McCord added.