Leon Medical Centers Partners with Health Tech Company Rimidi, Reducing A1Cs in High-Risk Cohort of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

84% of patients being remotely monitored by Leon clinicians using Rimidi’s platform have improved their A1C to below 9%

Leon Medical Centers, a leading healthcare services provider serving Medicare patients in South Florida, announced clinical improvements in a cohort of high-risk patients with Type 2 Diabetes due to the remote patient monitoring and clinical decision support capabilities of Rimidi, a leading clinical management platform designed to optimize clinical workflows, enhance patient experiences and achieve quality objectives.

Leon began using the Rimidi platform, which integrates directly with their Epic electronic health record (EHR), at the beginning of 2020. Patients who are considered high-risk with hemoglobin A1Cs above 9% are given a SmartMeter iGlucose, a cellular-enabled glucometer and instructed by their doctor how often to take their blood-glucose reading. The data from iGlucose flows directly into the Rimidi platform, where it is curated alongside relevant clinical data from Epic. To date, approximately 225 high-risk patients have been enrolled to be remotely monitored by Leon clinicians. Now, 84% of those patients have been able to get their A1Cs below 9%, a key indicator of better diabetes control.

“At Leon, our motto is ‘Medical Excellence and Personal Attention at All Times.’ That’s become more challenging—yet more important than ever—during the COVID-19 crisis” said Albert Maury, President and CEO of Leon Medical Centers. “Our partnership with Rimidi furthers our ability to meet each patient’s unique needs proactively, whether at one of our medical centers or at their own home. Finding partners that can effectively fit our healthcare delivery model has often been a challenge. However, Rimidi has provided us with a key patient service, allowing our organization to achieve yet another successful step towards the future of healthcare.”

A key differentiator in Rimidi’s newly-enhanced platform compared to other remote monitoring providers is its highly configurable clinical decision support capabilities. Tight integration with Epic enables clinicians to not only set up decision support and alerts based off remotely generated data, but off of clinical data in the EHR as well. For example, Leon has configured Rimidi’s clinical decision support cards to alert them to next best steps in care when individual patients are not meeting guidelines based on clinical outcomes in the EHR or self-monitoring data from the patient at home.

“Leon puts patient care and convenience first and recognizes that chronic conditions like Type 2 Diabetes require continual monitoring and support, not just during in-clinic appointments,” said Lucienne Ide, MD, PhD, Founder and CEO of Rimidi. “Leon has done a great job leveraging our platform not just for RPM, but for Clinical Decision Support to ensure they’re closing gaps in care according to the latest evidence-based guidelines. We are excited to share in their mission of providing the best patient experience and outcomes in south Florida.”

As the only Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Stage 7 Outpatient Medical Care Institution in Miami-Dade County, Leon Medical Centers is applauded by HIMSS for its efforts to improve patient outcomes through the implementation of innovative healthcare technology. “Implementing Rimidi is a perfect example of Leon’s continual commitment to using technology in improving patient care and why we are recognized as a twice-awarded HIMSS Stage 7 provider,” Maury added.

The adoption of Rimidi’s platform by Leon Medical Centers helps minimize risk of exposure to COVID-19 for both patients and staff by enabling the ability to virtually monitor patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

For more information about Leon Medical Centers and their commitment to better patient outcomes, visit leonmedicalcenters.com. To learn how Rimidi’s platform can support your institution’s needs, visit rimidi.com.