Leal Health Launches New AI Feature to Simplify Interpretation of Genetic Testing and Provide Minorities Increased Access to Clinical Trial and Cancer Treatments

CEO and Co-founder of Leal Health, Tzvia Bader

Results Highlighting Racial Disparities in Genetic Testing and Interpreting Results Presented at 2023 ASCO Annual Meeting. Data Shows that African American Cancer Patients Undergo Genetic Testing Less Frequently Than All Other Racial Groups

Leal Health (“Leal” or “the Company”), formerly known as Trialjectory, an AI-powered decision support platform, has launched a new AI feature that can interpret and translate the results of genetic tests for cancer patients. This is an important development that is expected to remove barriers patients have in accessing advanced care and clinical trials.

Data from a study conducted by Leal Health which was presented as an e-publication by the Company at this year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting, highlighted racial disparities in cancer treatment. For this study, Leal Health used its proprietary data to analyze a multi-racial cohort of over 10,000 cancer patients who completed the Company’s patient questionnaire between 2019 and 2023 to obtain personalized treatment options. The study showed that African Americans who undergo genetic testing have a lower probability of filling out their mutation status which hinders their ability to get matched with advanced targeted therapies that effectively target those mutations.

To address this issue, Leal launched a platform feature that allows patients to upload their genetic test results and have them analyzed against a proprietary AI algorithm. According to Avital Gaziel, PhD, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Leal Health, “Even though the results of the study demonstrate the power of technology to democratize access, limited ability to interpret and act on genetic testing results negatively affects a patient’s ability to receive advanced cancer care and enroll in the most relevant clinical trials. By simplifying the interpretation of genetic test results, patients are able to intelligently and actively participate in the decision-making process with their oncologists.”

“The goal for all cancer patients – regardless of race or ethnicity – is to make informed decisions about treatment options based on accurate interpretation of genetic testing,” stated Dr. Gaziel. “With the launch of this proprietary AI feature, Leal Health allows patients not only to understand what mutations are present, but also gain insight into the availability of personalized treatment options that align with specific genetic profiles. This promotes informed decision making and the ability to identify and select the right targeted therapies.”