Larson Shares Benefits of HIE Image Sharing at Michigan Summit


Gary Larson, Executive Vice President and General Manager for HIE Solutions at eHealth Technologies, will be speaking at the three part Great Lakes Health Connect (GLHC) Summit 2019: Breaking Down Barriers. Held this fall at various Michigan locations, the series will focus on barriers that prevent organizations and providers from delivering, coordinating, and tracking patient care and how technology and relationships can help achieve a sustainable and integrated healthcare ecosystem.

Larson’s presentation, HIE Image Sharing—Driving Informed Clinical Decision Making and More Efficient Healthcare, will help care providers have a better understanding of the many ways workflows can be available. The presentation focuses on how imaging service providers can share and access medical images from different systems and locations, as well as how costs can be reduced through secure image sharing that is unique to health information exchanges.

The summit will run three full days this fall in the Metro Detroit, Capital and Western Michigan areas on the following dates:

  • Sept. 27 Troy
  • Oct. 23 Lansing
  • Nov. 14 Grand Rapids

Larson has been a leader in the medical imaging, healthcare IT and HIE industry for more than 25 years. He leads eHealth Technologies’ business unit that enables HIEs and other clinical information networks to efficiently share medical images. eHealth Technologies works with numerous local, regional and statewide HIEs across the country, including GLHC, sharing images from over 200 hospitals and imaging centers.

Other notable speakers during the summit include:

  • Lygeia Ricciardi, Chief Transformation Officer at Carium
  • Physician, Designer and Researcher Dr. Joyce Lee
  • Regina Holliday, founder of The Walking Gallery
  • Robert Gordon, Michigan Health & Human Services, and

International patient engagement activist, ePatientDave, Dr. Dave deBronkart

GLHC is the leading HIE in Michigan, connecting more than 120 hospitals and 10,000 independent and employed providers to securely and efficiently exchange health records of more than 10 million patients.

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