Fundamental Surgery Expands Educational Surgical Simulation Platform with New Facetectomy Procedure and Fundamental Surgery Score

Platform Introduces New Simulation Offering and Performance Score that Provides Trainees and Instructors with Clear Assessment of Each Users’ Step by Step Performance and Growth

Today, FundamentalVR, pioneers of immersive HapticVRTM training technology, which combines virtual reality (VR) with haptics (sense of touch), has announced its educational platform, Fundamental Surgery, has extended its simulation offering with a new Facetectomy procedure. Additionally, the platform is rolling out the Fundamental Surgery Score, aimed at providing users and their mentors with even more reporting and assessment around their individual surgical performances. 

Orthopedic Simulation Offering Extended with Facetectomy Procedure 

With the mission to democratize surgical simulations and make safe training platforms easily accessible to every surgeon in the world, FundamentalVR created Fundamental Surgery to provide surgeons with similar visuals, feelings and scenarios expected during surgery to allow them to practice and hone their skills anywhere, at any time. The new Facetectomy procedure joins a range of additional orthopedic and spine simulations and gives users the opportunity to repeatedly train in the removal of the facet joint using a bone nibbler and Kerrison Rongeur, along with HapticVRTM technology. 

The Facetectomy simulation lets trainees and surgeons practice the surgical procedure through an immersive, self-directed experience where they can remove a volume of bone material piece-by-piece, anywhere on the joint. Through the platform’s voxel technology, users can make decisions and execute every step of their desired approach and anatomical involvement. In relevant areas of the procedure, users can make realistic and meaningful choices around tool use, with the potential to make mistakes giving the opportunity to learn correct methods through practice.

The procedure also incorporates Fundamental Surgery’s new eye-tracking capability which is available through the HTC Vive Pro Eye headset. 

Introducing the Fundamental Surgery Score 

The Facetectomy procedure is the first simulation on the platform to include the new Fundamental Surgery Score. With the new scoring system, users are assessed on their ability to meet surgical objectives throughout the procedure. These scores are combined to give an overall percentage score for their session. This is augmented with an Independent Practice Grade between A and D, indicating the amount of help and assistance the user needed to reach their score. 

Created in-hand with medical experts in their respected fields, the Fundamental Surgery Score delivers a new level of simulation engagement and facilitates effective independent learning by providing users and their mentors with continuous feedback and performance data on each surgical step.