Imprivata and Connected Technology Solutions (CTS) Partner to Enable Positive Patient Identification at Registration Kiosks

Imprivata®, the healthcare IT security company, and Connected Technology Solutions (CTS), announced a partnership to enable positive patient identification at self-service registration kiosks. Imprivata PatientSecure® eliminates the need for providers and patients to input patient information manually by integrating with CTS kiosks to make the single patient identifier available through kiosk registration.

According to the 2016 National Patient Misidentification Report from the Ponemon Institute, 63 percent of top-level U.S. healthcare executives and care providers say that the primary cause of patient misidentification is incorrect identification at the registration desk. To help eliminate patient identification errors at the source, Imprivata PatientSecure allows hospitals to identify patients through a biometric palm vein scan at CTS kiosks, rather than requiring manual input of patient information, verifying their medical information, co-pay collection, insurance validation, and more.

“Since deploying our palm vein biometric identification platform, we have significantly reduced registration errors and lowered our duplicate medical record rate to 0.01 percent of our patient census, which is 80 times better than the national average,” said Craig Richardville, Chief Information & Analytics Officer at Carolinas Healthcare System. “Now that we’re able to integrate this technology directly into our registration kiosks, we expect increased improvement in our front-end patient registration process, which will further enhance our overall revenue cycle management operation and patient experience.”

CTS leads the kiosk industry with purpose-built and specifically designed kiosk units for patient check-in. Embedding positive patient identification into CTS kiosks ensures accurate patient identification at check-in, and also improves insurance validation, collection of co-pays, and form fulfilment, addressing evolving patient needs while helping to drive new efficiencies in healthcare.

“The use of biometric identification at registration kiosks is a great addition to our solutions and helps transform the entire registration and intake process, working directly with the Epic EHR,” said Marc Avallone, Vice President of Sales & Business Development at CTS. “Integrating Imprivata PatientSecure palm-vein biometrics with our kiosks has sped up the patient identification process and assures positive patient identification every time. This improves patient safety, overall registration throughput, and ultimately enhances the entire patient experience.”

Imprivata PatientSecure is the positive patient identification platform for healthcare that eliminates patient misidentification at any point of entry or care and positively identifies patients to improve patient safety, increase revenue capture, and prevent identity theft. Beyond identification at registration, Imprivata PatientSecure helps hospitals to re-identify patients throughout their healthcare experience at points of care including medication administration, radiation oncology treatments, and blood transfusions.

“Deep integrations with self-service kiosks, EHRs, and other digital health technologies are critical to ensuring positive patient identification at all points of care across the healthcare continuum,” said Justyna Evlogiadis, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Imprivata. “By partnering with CTS, we’re ensuring that patients are accurately identified and experience the best possible patient registration workflows, ultimately improving patient adoption of self-service kiosks as well as patient safety and revenue cycle performance.”