IllumiCare Partners with Wake Forest Baptist Health on WHIRL, Decreasing Chart Review Time and Improving Provider Workflow

WHIRL App for the Smart Ribbon now available in Epic App Orchard

Even with electronic records available, many doctors still prefer to round with paper lists. Today we introduce WHIRL, an app for the IllumiCare Smart Ribbon, which produces paper rounding lists in the way doctors use data to round and make decisions. 

IllumiCare has partnered with Wake Forest Baptist Health by integrating the health system’s WHIRL app into IllumiCare’s Smart Ribbon.  

“WHIRL integrates with Epic to gather key patient data from the EHR and transcribe clinical summaries to a piece of paper with just one click,” said G.T. LaBorde, CEO of IllumiCare.  “It has been successfully used for three years at Wake Forest Baptist Health, and we are excited to now make it available to other health systems.”

When providers make manual notes on paper, each uses their own preferred format and abbreviations. Likewise, WHIRL provides the ultimate tailored experience. The app allows users to customize columns displaying records such as vital signs with ranges, lab values with priors, imaging or procedure results, flowsheet values, and more. Rather than using long-form names, providers can customize how medications, studies, labs, procedures and flowsheet rows display on a printed rounding list. 

We invented WHIRL with the goal to decrease chart review time, improve provider satisfaction and increase accuracy of information,” said Dr. Ajay Dharod, Vice Chair of Informatics and Analytics, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Health and faculty of Wake Forest School of Medicine’s Center for Healthcare Innovation team. “With WHIRL, just one click provides you with a complete synopsis for each of your patients.”

WHIRL is now one of a growing number of apps on IllumiCare’s EHR-agnostic Smart Ribbon.  The app is now available through the Epic App Orchard for customers on version August 2019 or later. For more information, visit