IllumiCare Launches Spotlight App, Reducing Provider Costs and Improving Hospital Operations

Spotlight App for the Smart Ribbon dials in on supply costs by provider for hospital system management

Healthcare supply costs are increasingly influenced by clinician orders. In 2019, before accounting for the pandemic, supply costs were expected to exceed labor expenses by 2020. Today, IllumiCare, a leader in point-of-care technology, introduces Spotlight, an app for the popular IllumiCare Smart Ribbon to provide hospital systems with real-time cost analysis with unmatched detail. This first-of-its-kind discovery tool gathers and showcases macro to micro views of prescription and test costs at the order level in the EHR, broken down by prescribing clinicians.

While many data tools analyze costs by patient, Spotlight allows hospital systems to apply a real cost to every order and then attribute it to the individual clinician who ordered it (or the responsible attending). This allows hospitals to make more targeted efforts to identify areas of highest spend and encourage these providers to make alternative and more cost-effective orders.

“No other cost analysis tool gives hospitals this level of detail down to the individual provider’s orders and prescriptions to help increase efficiency and reduce overspending,” says G.T. LaBorde, CEO of IllumiCare. “The Spotlight app is our answer to increasing clinical cost transparency and giving hospitals and providers the information they need to provide value-based care.” 

Spotlight provides hospitals with a detailed, comprehensive view of supply cost spend, displaying data such as order, cost, patient condition and ordering physician. AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center in Illinois is one of the many hospitals regularly using Spotlight to track and manage medical spending at their hospital. 

“The Spotlight app has been an enormously useful tool to help us track provider spending down to a micro level and make adjustments where necessary. In fact, this tool has already enabled us to reduce admissions by an average of $100 per patient after using it for only six months,” says Bonny Chen, Chief Health Information Officer at AMITA Health.

Spotlight is now one of a growing number of apps on IllumiCare’s EHR-agnostic Smart Ribbon. For more information, visit