Personalized Medicine Can Keep Us All Healthier

Tomorrow, Live from SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference

Date: Wednesday, May 18

Time: 5:00-6:00pm ET

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Personalized Medicine holds the potential to help us better manage (or even avoid) chronic conditions, stop infectious diseases from spreading and even finally cure cancer!

Watch live as this panel of experts explores how a breakthrough in personalized medicine will impact ourselves, our families, our friends, our employees and everyone we know. During this panel you will hear from leaders in genome research, cancer treatment and a four-time cancer survivor who will share with you what is possible in treatment, treating and avoiding a broad range of conditions.


  • Dr. Euan Ashley or Dr. Carlos Bustamante, Stanford Medical School
  • Kevin Fitzpatrick, CEO CancerLinQ (ASCO)
  • Dr. David Delaney, Chief Medical Officer at SAP
  • Jesse Burns, CEO Dharma Platform
  • Giovanni Colella, CEO, Castlight
  • Kym Martin, 360 Insight 4x cancer survivor (Moderator)