Hint Health Creates Nationwide Network Connecting Employers, Providers, and Patients to Direct Primary Care

Hint Connect leverages the power of direct contracting to empower large employers nationwide to access a transformational, independent primary care model

Hint Health, the leading provider of membership management, billing, and employer direct contracting infrastructure for direct primary care (DPC) and membership-based providers, is launching a nationwide network to foster meaningful relationships and better healthcare. Hint Connect will provide a single point of access to hundreds of community-based providers, unlocking DPC for employers and third party administrators (TPAs) as they search for better primary care options. Concurrently, Hint Connect also enables individual DPC providers and DPC networks to more easily expand their affiliations to support large employers. As a result, this advanced primary care model will become even more accessible to forward-thinking patients, providers, employers, and benefit advisors.

Businesses want exceptional primary care for their employees, but often don’t have the time or resources to find and contract directly with DPC providers. Hint Connect addresses their need for a standardized benefit and single contract, while supporting the essential relationships between patients, providers, and employer sponsors. Independent providers and DPC networks can join Hint Connect for free to access employer demand that would otherwise be difficult to support due to employer size or geographic footprint. Participation can help accelerate a practice’s growth and reduce its required sales and marketing investment, all without impacting their independence. Together, this program empowers all parties to grow at scale, build relationships, and match members with ease.

“Hint Connect is unlocking the potential of the DPC ecosystem at scale,” said Zak Holdsworth, CEO and Co-Founder of Hint Health. “There’s so much need in the market for these kinds of relationships, and thousands of employers and providers in our existing community are seeking ways to address this demand because of the value DPC provides. I’m thrilled Hint Connect will be available nationally; it will make a real difference in the lives of patients as well as with the providers and employers serving them.”

Hint Connect builds on the DPC membership model, which seeks to rebuild the doctor-patient relationship by offering services such as extended appointments, after hours access, and same day/next day appointments, which in turn can improve health outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and create a better experience for all parties. The Hint Connect platform enables employers and TPAs to easily find and develop direct care provider relationships to support their employees and dependents, and empowers DPC providers to grow on their own terms. This takes the guesswork out of forming these relationships and provides a roadmap for interested parties to succeed.

As an added benefit, Hint Connect is powered by Hint Health’s HintOS platform, which reduces administrative burden by seamlessly automating enrollment, eligibility, invoicing, and payment. Hint Health supports end-to-end implementation and handles employee enrollment and education, member management, eligibility, and more for a successful benefit launch. HintOS has helped providers increase membership by as much as 24% year over year, and one employer even saved 58% on monthly healthcare costs by switching to DPC powered by HintOS.

Spurred by continued impressive growth even during the pandemic, Hint Health’s ecosystem of 1,700+ clinics, 5,700+ employers, and nearly a million lives under management is flourishing. Hint Connect is currently rolling out across Texas in major metros and the Rio Grande Valley.

“Ever since I saw the DPC model I realized what a fresh, new and valuable approach this would be for employers,” said Dr. Roger Moczygemba, owner and physician at Direct Med Clinic, based in San Antonio, TX. “It lowers the barriers to healthcare and makes it affordable. I am happy to say that my clinic has done this for employers with reproducible results. Hint Connect is in a position to help many DPC clinics and design a plan that meets the requirements of large employers.”

Over the next three months, Hint Connect will expand to Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Florida, and will soon be available across the country to unlock the power of the DPC ecosystem at scale.

To learn more about Hint Connect and how you can get involved, visit https://www.hint.com/connect.