Digital Physical Therapy Company OneStep Partners with Smart Surgery Provider Kinomatic to Enhance Physical Therapy for Surgery Patients

OneStep will provide Kinomatic patients with pre- and post- op recovery programs through its motion-tracking-based physical therapy app – a state-of-the-art platform in their pocket

OneStep, creators of a first-of-its-kind physical therapy app harnessing the power of motion sensor technology to deliver highly customized recovery programs to patients suffering from knee and hip injuries, announced a partnership with Kinomatic, a leader in smart surgery. OneStep’s physical therapy app will be available for pre-op and post-op recovery programs to all patients using Kinomatic’s VR solution. Kinomatic patients will be accompanied online by a dedicated physical therapist and will receive personalized regimens, and objective, quantifiable, 24/7 feedback through OneStep’s motion-sensing app, empowering them on their path to recovery.

Recovering from surgery can be a challenging process. Physical therapy is often prescribed to patients both before and after surgery to help manage pain, regain strength quicker, lower the risk of infection, reduce the length of hospital stays, and even improve surgical outcomes. However, physical therapy patients typically meet with their therapists for only an hour or two each week (and even less frequently during the pandemic), making it difficult for them to measure their day-by-day, real-time progress, get feedback and establish a daily sense of improvement in their health and wellbeing. This impacts patients’ adherence to their recovery programs, oftentimes resulting in high dropout rates.

OneStep’s innovative technology harnesses the ever-present power of the smartphone to analyze gait in a natural setting, bringing immediate, easy-to-understand, around-the-clock feedback directly to patients and their physical therapists – turning the smartphone into an accessible, state-of-the-art alternative to lab-based gait analysis. OneStep’s licensed physical therapists regularly meet with patients online to establish a personal recovery plan which is continuously adapted to the patient’s demonstrated progress, and ultimately, ensures patients get back to the life they love.

Kinomatic is dedicated to enhancing the patient experience by providing practitioners with a transformative new platform for treating pain and improving patients’ lives through smarter surgical procedures. In an effort to create a better, longer lasting and more holistic recovery experience for its patients, Kinomatic will provide OneStep’s digital physical therapy application and continued support before and after their surgical procedures.

“Improved patient experience and successful recoveries through smarter treatment are what we are all about at Kinomatic, so partnering with such a pioneering therapeutic company as OneStep was the natural choice for us,” said Shaun Lea, CEO of Kinomatic. “OneStep offers an innovative, multi-disciplinary approach to physical therapy, integrating the empathy and professionalism of experienced physical therapists with the latest in digital health technology, ensuring that our patients will receive the best care and experience possible.”

“Kinomatic is a rapidly growing company harnessing the most advanced VR technology to improve patient outcomes, and we’re proud to partner with an organization that shares such a commitment to bettering the lives and health of patients,” said Tomer Shussman, Co-Founder & CEO of OneStep. “OneStep’s app is the first to provide patients and therapists with clinical grade insights into their motion – all from a smartphone. We are excited to offer this service to Kinomatic and grow this partnership, helping their patients get one step closer to improving their recovery process.”