HCEG Announces HealthSparq as Focus Area Partner for Costs & Transparency


The HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) announced that HealthSparq is a new technology partner and
sponsor of HCEG. HealthSparq is a leading guidance and transparency company dedicated to helping people make smarter health care choices by providing cost and quality information about doctors, hospitals, medical services, and medications.

Through this unique partnership, HealthSparq will have an important role in participating in ongoing roundtable discussions to promote transformation and innovation for the Costs & Transparency focus area of the 2021 HCEG Top 10+ list of challenges, issues, and opportunities.

Unique Collaboration on 2021 HCEG Top 10+

“We’re very excited that HealthSparq is joining HCEG as a trusted technology partner and also becoming one of the initial Focus Area Partners on the critical topic of Cost & Transparency,” said Ferris Taylor, HCEG Executive Director.
“COVID has exposed many healthcare issues impacting health plans, providers and consumers. HealthSparq brings more than a decade of insight and experience in addressing Cost & Transparency. Moreover, HealthSparq’s thought leadership,
healthcare expertise and willingness to intimately collaborate with HCEG members is highly valued; not only during the roundtable discussions but across other focus areas throughout the coming year.”

Year-Long Alliance Supporting Costs & Transparency

“Price transparency has long been an important topic in health care, but recent government mandates have buoyed its importance to new levels,” said Heather Burton, HealthSparq’s Vice President of Marketing. “This HCEG partnership is important as part of our overall effort to support plans, groups and members and help deliver on the promise of transparency.”


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