GreatCall Launches First Wearable Device that Connects Activity Tracking with Nationwide Mobility Safety Service for Active Aging

Introducing the Lively Wearable by GreatCall

GreatCall Inc., the leader in creating usable technology for active aging, brings family caregivers peace of mind and older adults a new level of empowerment by combining the health benefits of an activity tracker with the safety advantages of a mobile emergency response service. The introduction of the Lively Wearable by GreatCall is the first step in the development of a wearable health hub for the active aging market.

“GreatCall’s commitment to active aging is founded in mobility. Older adults want – and need – to retain their independence as long as possible and we create products that enable them to do so,” says David Inns, CEO of GreatCall. “By connecting activity tracking with emergency response we enable a safer, more active lifestyle.”

The Lively Wearable can be worn with either the wristband or around the neck with the lanyard and pairs with a smartphone via Bluetooth. “What makes the Lively Wearable unique is that it is designed to fit the needs of both the older adult and the family caregiver, something we have found to be critical to adoption,” Inns adds. “This announcement comes on the heels of GreatCall’s acquisition of Lively Inc. We’ve taken the energy of the Lively name and, building on a decade of research and consumer insight, applied it to this innovative new wearable that truly makes a difference in living a safer, more active life.”

How Lively Wearable Works

  • The modern design of the Lively Wearable makes it an easy fit with the user’s daily life. Available in a choice of white with gold trim or grey with silver, the device tracks the user’s steps and features a one-touch button to connect to 5Star service and its team of highly trained agents in emergency situations.
  • The wearable must be linked to a smartphone*. To set up the wearable, the user downloads the easy-to-use Lively app on their smartphone. The wearable connects via Bluetooth to transmit activity information. If the button is pressed, the wearable initiates a call to 5Star.
  • The Lively Wearable features an always-on, simple user interface, up to six months of battery life and is waterproof.
  • When worn with the lanyard around the neck, the Lively Wearable’s accelerometer provides automatic fall detection by placing a call to 5Star when triggered.
  • Data collected by the Lively Wearable is processed and analyzed via the GreatCall Cloud so it can be shared with family caregivers via the Link app.

Connecting with the Lively and Link Apps

The Lively app has been designed to be simple, intuitive and fun. It encourages mental, physical and social activity through daily challenges and virtual rewards. Themed around travel, the Lively app challenges the user to always keep exploring – both virtually and in the real world.

Family caregivers are involved through the Link app. By following the user’s virtual journey, they can applaud positive events and send messages of encouragement. The Link app also alerts the family caregiver if the user hits the button for help, providing notification of the call and their location while also connecting the user to a highly trained emergency response team – 24/7.

The GreatCall Lively Wearable will be available at in Spring 2016 and at retail Summer 2016. The device retails for $99.99 and service starts at $14.99 per month with no contract.

* Lively Wearable works with all Android 4.3 BLE phones. iOS support coming Summer 2016.