GlobalMed and DH Wireless Partner for Enhanced Telemedicine Connectivity in Remote Areas

By pairing solutions, GlobalMed offers immediate, secured network coverage for critical care in the field

GlobalMed, an international provider of virtual health solutions, has announced a new partnership with DH Wireless Solutions for greater telehealth connectivity in the field. DH Wireless Solutions, a leader in Machine-to-Machine solutions, will partner its secure Portable Data Network (PDN®) with GlobalMed’s telemedicine stations to extend an advanced mobile WiFi hotspot in remote areas and emergency situations.

The DH Wireless PDN uses smart routers and high-gain cellular connectivity to offer a “network in a box” that can be quickly deployed by first responders, mobile command units, and crisis response and disaster relief teams delivering medical consultations on the go.

“This partnership springs from our shared commitment to enabling immediate clinical care even in the most dire and challenging situations,” said Joel E. Barthelemy, GlobalMed founder and CEO. “With the PDN’s extended connectivity, GlobalMed solutions enable providers to establish triage centers and communicate back to hospitals, 911 dispatch, military units and any other team. This enhanced connectivity can allow a provider to save someone’s life in an area lacking cellular signals or network coverage.”

Before the partnership, both companies worked with Verizon and shared common customers. At the time, GlobalMed equipment relied on Verizon’s own mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, but needed something more rugged and capable in the field. Verizon suggested DH Wireless join GlobalMed at Operation Convergent Response, a live scenario event that puts the latest crisis response innovations in first responders’ hands to help save lives. By enacting staged field exercises, such as a flood scenario or a highway pileup, they tested the PDN with the GlobalMed Transportable Exam Station from different connectivity points and devices.

After this event, DH Wireless also participated with GlobalMed in Operation Bushmaster, a mock battlefield exercise for medical students at the Uniformed Services University. Darren Basch, DH Wireless Solutions Director of Business Development, explained that they successfully tested the paired solutions in multi-application medical platoon scenarios. From trauma tents to two-track gravel roads with med-Humvees and even extending out to the helipad, good connectivity allowed important digital-data to transmit in real time.

“All this connectivity in one box allows you to essentially create a portable EOC triage center,” Basch said. “Pairing GlobalMed’s world-class telemedicine solutions with DH Wireless Solution’s leading IoT communication cases is the foundation for a smart, solid partnership that will benefit the whole medical and healthcare industry as mobile technology advances.”

Recently DH Wireless Solutions expanded its portable line to include the Mobile Portable Amplifier or MPA: a smart cellular booster that improves cellular phone and digital-data communications in fringe network coverage areas. This solution can also be used in conjunction with the PDN.

About DH Wireless Solutions
DH Wireless Solutions is a Systems Integrator and Value-Added Reseller of M2M (Machine-to-Machine) products, developing and configuring M2M solutions.

By enhancing and utilizing the most effective and efficient technologies, processes, and procedures in the M2M market, they are committed to continuously deploy, manage, measure, track, and communicate their products and services to their customers. Founded in 1995 and focused on sustainable M2M wireless data solutions for both mobile and fixed applications, DH Wireless Solutions can be found on grids, highways, pipelines, offices, rails and manufacturing facilities in North America.