Frederick Health Leads the Way to Faster Delivery of Precision Medicine with MEDITECH’s Expanse Genomics


Integration of discrete genetic results can improve patient outcomes with targeted treatments

Frederick Health (in Frederick, MD) is one of the first organizations to automatically incorporate discrete genetic data into its clinical decision making.

Within just a few hours of recently going LIVE with MEDITECH’s Expanse Genomics, physicians were placing orders directly into the EHR and receiving results in a codified format, along with full PDF reports.

“What makes this solution unique is that genetic testing results are filed discreetly into the patient’s record, and clinical decision support is built into the system with continuous updates to keep information current,” said Jackie Rice, CIO.

“We knew that having this data so easily accessible would solve many of the challenges our providers were facing with finding information quickly.”

Frederick Health has a dedicated Precision Medicine & Genetics clinic, which is a great asset to their community. Within this clinic, they currently leverage genomics to provide treatment and counseling for oncology, hereditary diseases, and precision nutrition.

The organization is also performing pharmacogenomic testing for their behavioral health patients in the inpatient and outpatient settings. This improves patient outcomes by getting the correct dosage the first time and preventing costly inpatient stays.

“Genomics is enabling the delivery of predictive, proactive medical care,” said Clinical Director, Precision Medicine & Genetics Patricia Rice, CRNP. “We are rapidly approaching a point where the first step in a patient’s diagnosis will come from genetic sequencing. Fortunately, we have the tools in place to support this without overburdening our physicians.”

The integration between Expanse Genomics and the genetic testing labs is designed to significantly streamline workflows and reduce the current 20+ minute order entry time per test. So far, Frederick Health’s ordering and resulting times have decreased by over 50%.

Orders entered directly into the EHR are sent outbound, and inbound results automatically match with the correct patient. These results are then stored as discrete, actionable data, displayed directly in the patient charts.

“Providers no longer need to sift through 30 pages of a .pdf document to locate relevant information on their patients,” noted CMIO Dr. Robert Wack. “And with embedded pharmacogenomic decision support from First Databank, we are always kept up to date on known genomic interactions, which improves patient safety.”

Frederick Health currently integrates with four genetic laboratories: Foundation, Ambry, Caris, and ProGeneX. Additional integrations are planned for the system.

“With Expanse Genomics, patients can now get the most advanced, personalized care right in their own community,” said MEDITECH Product Manager Jennifer Ford. “It has been wonderful to see how Frederick Health has been able to leverage this technology to drive care forward. It truly makes a difference to their patients.”