First Scientifically Validated Symptom Checker with Artificial Intelligence Launches in the United States

  • Mediktor combines artificial intelligence, natural language recognition technologies and patient data to detect symptoms and offer a listing of possible conditions, recommendations and even connecting with medical professionals within a health insurance network.
  • The platform learns from every interaction, developing an advanced intuition. Mediktor has performed 1.5 million symptom evaluations in 201 countries globally and for the first time will be available to health insurance companies in the U.S.

New York City, June, 2017. Mediktor, a European health technology company, is announcing today their launch in the U.S. of the first scientifically validated health checker based on artificial intelligence. Introduced at the Health 2.0 conference in Barcelona this May, Mediktor is a pre-diagnosis tool that identifies a patient’s symptoms through an easy-to-use step-by-step process that learns as it goes. The platform, which has undergone a clinical study with 1,015 patients achieving a success rate of 91.3%, is being marketed to US based health insurance companies to better manage and improve accessibility to their membership base.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and natural language recognition technologies, the pre-diagnosis tool identifies the patient’s symptoms in real-time. As with a physician,  Mediktor asks a series of simple questions until reaching a list of possible pre-diagnoses. The technology also offers recommendations on next steps according to the medical needs of each patient. Also, Mediktor learns from each interaction improving its pre-diagnoses: the tool has already performed over 1.5 million symptom checks in 201 countries around the world, developing an intuition comparable to a full life experience of 10 physicians. In summary, Mediktor technology rests on three pillars:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Natural language recognition: it does not require the patient to use medical language to perform the consultation
  • Machine Learning: it learns from every interaction with patients, improving its intuition on a case by case basis.

This way, it is possible to drastically decrease the costs of access to healthcare and streamline the decision making, both for health professionals and patients as well as for insurance companies, optimizing the efficiency and information management of this process.

Example patient interface

Decreasing the entry barrier and ensuring clinical robustness, goals of the tool

The technology enables an easier access to healthcare for patients. Thanks to its powerful semantic engines, Mediktor understands symptoms the patient refers to using natural language and asking a complete set of medical questions.

Cristian Pascual, Co-founder of Mediktor, stated that the new pre-diagnosis tools are transforming the way in which people access the healthcare system, bringing huge benefits for insurance companies and ultimately the consumer through their membership. We are proud to bring to the market the first scientifically validated symptom-checker based on artificial intelligence.”

About Mediktor

Mediktor’s goal is to provide health insurance companies with a tool to help manage their member base. Mediktor has a multidisciplinary team of health professionals, computer scientists, experts in business development and external advisors. The company is partnering with major insurance companies and main referral hospitals across the world, including Münich RE Group, an international reinsurance company, represented in over 30 countries and concentrated on Europe and Asia

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