eClinicalWorks Enters Acute Care Market

Sam Bhat, VP and Co-Founder, eClinicalWorks
"Our entrance into the acute care market in the United States builds upon the long-term success of our ambulatory products," said Sameer Bhat, eClinicalWorks Vice President and Co-Founder. "Our solution is cloud-based so the total cost of ownership is less than the industry standard, yet delivers greater transparency across the continuum of care."

eClinicalWorks Creating Cloud-centric Acute Care EHR Platform

eClinicalWorks®, a leader in healthcare IT solutions, today announces its entrance into the acute care electronic health records (EHR) market. Expanding on international success the company has achieved in the acute care space, eClinicalWorks is working with strategic partners, including South Carolina’s Tidelands Health, a healthcare organization made up of three hospitals with approximately 300 beds and more than 40 outpatient locations, to bring this product to market. Named eClinicalWorks 10i, this cloud-centric platform enables organizations seeking to connect care within in-patient, out-patient and allied health settings.

“Tidelands Health is dedicated to keeping the communities we serve healthy and active, inside and outside of the hospital,” said Todd Rowland, MD, senior vice president and CIO at Tidelands Health. “To deliver this, we require a unified record across the continuum of care, regardless of where the patient is seen. eClinicalWorks has shown a shared commitment to this OneCare approach, which will cost-effectively deliver a solution that enhances patient care.”

eClinicalWorks’ entrance into the United States acute care solution market builds on the company’s established ambulatory products along with success internationally, where it has deployed technology within approximately 80 hospitals. This cloud-based solution will require a lower total cost of ownership than the industry standard, while delivering a more transparent view across care settings.

“Acute care processes, including EHR functionality, are prime targets for re-engineering for most hospitals, but such efforts are limited by the flexibility of existing EHR products installed at most U.S. hospitals,” said Judy Hanover, research director of Provider IT Transformation for IDC Health Insights. “A cloud-based acute care EHR would allow organizations to concentrate on workflows and efficiency in clinical delivery, while supporting process re-engineering with digital workflows. This industry is ripe for a new approach.”

Available in 2017, the initial release of the acute care platform will focus on enterprise operations functionality, including inventory management, support for emergency and operating rooms, analytics, computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and bed management. Developed by eClinicalWorks with the aid of strategic partners, including Tidelands Health, the platform will ensure this seamless flow and exchange of information across healthcare organizations, between ambulatory and acute settings.

“eClinicalWorks has successfully deployed technology that has aided thousands of healthcare organizations in achieving their care delivery goals,” said Girish Navani, CEO and co-founder of eClinicalWorks. “The changing landscape makes it even more imperative to have solutions that give a complete, unified view of a patient that is accessible anytime, anywhere. By taking a cloud-centric approach, organizations will achieve higher ROI and lower total cost of ownership than with traditional systems. We are excited to enter the U.S. acute care market and to work with premier organizations, including Tidelands Health.”

About Tidelands Health

Tidelands Health is the largest health care provider in Georgetown and Horry counties. With three hospitals consisting of nearly 300 beds and more than 40 outpatient locations that stretch from Andrews to North Myrtle Beach, Tidelands Health is improving lives across the Tidelands region. For more information, please visit

About eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks® is a privately-held leader in healthcare IT solutions. With more than 115,000 physicians using its solutions, customers include ACOs, physician practices, hospitals, community health centers, departments of health and convenient care clinics. Fourteen eClinicalWorks customers have received the prestigious HIMSS Davies Awards during the past eight years, honoring excellence in electronic health record implementation. The company is second largest in the country for e-prescribing. Based in Westborough, Mass., eClinicalWorks has additional offices in Austin, New York City, Chicago, California, Georgia and London. For more information, please visit www.eclinicalworks.comFacebookTwitter or call 866-888-6929.