Diagnosis: Nursing home. Now what?

Nursing home nurse and author Ann Gallogly eases patients, families worries with comprehensive guide in new book

When the time comes for a loved one to be transitioned into a nursing home, wouldn’t it be nice to feel confident selecting the best home for them? With the help of nurse Ann Gallogly’s new book, Alzheimer’s – Dementia, determining the needs of your family member is simpler than ever.

Alzheimer’s – Dementia clarifies misconceptions about nursing homes, prepares readers for what to expect and helps ease the stress of the transition from home care to nursing home care.

“The transition into a nursing home can be incredibly confusing, saddening and sometimes frustrating,” Gallogly said. “If caretakers are even slightly prepared for what’s to come, it will make the entire process easier and hopefully more positive as well.”

Gallogly has been a nursing home nurse for over 30 years and recently completed a study of dementia care. After watching families struggle to understand the terminology, process and structure of nursing home care, she developed “Alzheimer’s – Dementia” as a means of simplifying the system.

“Throughout my years as a nurse, I noticed how nervous and anxious the families were as they began the process of admitting their loved one into a home,” Gallogly said. “The more knowledge I provided to these family members, the more at ease they were.”


About the author
Ann Gallogly is a retired nurse with over thirty years’ experience in the dementia/Alzheimer’s care sector based in Northern Ireland. She has completed general nursing training and is qualified to train staff members in the understanding and care of Alzheimer’s patients. She has also completed an Alzheimer’s University module focusing on dementia care.

Gallogly is happily married to her husband of over forty years and has four grown children who live nearby. She currently resides in Armagh, Ireland.


Alzheimer’s – Dementia: Find the best nursing home with Sister Ann
By Ann Gallogly
ISBN: 1504995856
Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and AuthorHouseUK