Coryell Health Leverages QliqSOFT Chatbot Tech to Deliver COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Scheduling


Coryell Health, a community-owned healthcare organization located in Gatesville, Texas, and QliqSOFT, a patient/provider engagement solutions company, announced the results of Coryell Health’s healthcare chatbot initiative.

Coryell Health, which serves as the primary COVID-19 testing administrator for Coryell County tests anywhere from 400 to 700 patients daily for the virus. After testing, staff must conduct follow-up, results reporting, and contact tracing necessary to keep patients informed and safe. Initially, the follow-up required 1:1 phone calls for each person tested,

“Depending on the day, it would typically take four to six people, anywhere from eight to ten hours a day to complete the follow-up phone calls,” said Crystal Cooper, Nursing Manager “And that was time on top of their normal clinical responsibilities.”

Seeking to find operational efficiencies that would save both their overwhelmed staff and patients anxious for COVID-19 testing results, Coryell Health turned to technology partner, QliqSOFT and an emerging solution for healthcare – chatbots.

“We already rely on QliqSOFT for Secure Messaging internally, and we began using their Virtual Visit platform successfully last fall. Now it was time to see if their Quincy Healthcare Chatbots could be the solution to automating our patient engagement,” said Heather Rambeau, Chief Nursing Officer, Coryell Health. “The results were phenomenal, within 5 days we were live and our clinical staff was able to refocus on quality care and allow the chatbot to deliver COVID-19 results and follow-up information to patients in a very personalized, conversational way.”

Patients receive an SMS text on their smartphone with a secure link to the chatbot and from there they can access their test results, education, and documentation for their work/school records if needed. This frictionless workflow allowed Coryell Health to begin reporting 100% of results within 24 hours. Other key initiative success milestones included:

  • Decreased man-hours of clinical staff needed by ~200 hours per week
  • Reduced outbound phone calls by more than 19%
  • Captured 60 hours of “recovered time” for primary care per week
  • Achieved a projected $78K per year ROI on one single use case

“Based on the tremendous results we’ve seen and the willingness of our patients to engage with this technology, we have already undertaken our second healthcare chatbot initiative, using the technology provided by QliqSOFT to facilitate patient self-scheduling of the COVID-19 vaccine,” Heather announced. “And I’m pleased to report that within the first 48 hours of launching this second bot, more than 450 of our available 700 vaccine appointment slots have been filled.”

QliqSOFT’s Healthcare Chatbot Solution, known as Quincy, is able to deliver turnkey success to customers by harnessing the power of its intuitive chatbot design studio. The studio allows healthcare organizations to design and deploy brandable chatbots to their patient population via SMS, Email, QR Code, and other modalities without months of coding and AI expertise required.

“We know that healthcare technology tools only become healthcare solutions when they’re accessible, scalable, interoperable, and an adjunct to the existing workflow,” said Krishna Kurapati CEO and founder of QliqSOFT. “If it requires large IT teams to build, can’t be deployed rapidly, doesn’t talk to other systems, or requires that new workflows be implemented to meet the tech where it is – it simply doesn’t work for this industry. We considered all of those things when developing our healthcare chatbots, and it’s why you see the success at Coryell happening so quickly. We could not be more proud of what they’re achieving.”