CloudWave Launches Healthcare Cloud and Managed Services with Six New Hospitals


CloudWave Helps Healthcare Organizations with Any Electronic Health Record (EHR) to Architect, Build, and Integrate a Personalized Solution Using Managed Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and Cloud Edge Resources

CloudWave, an independent cloud and managed services software hosting provider in healthcare, recently launched OpSus Cloud Services with six additional healthcare institutions—bringing its total number of hospitals and healthcare organizations to nearly 250. CloudWave provides a multi-cloud approach to guarantee uptime, easy access, and strong security to hospital users.

CloudWave helps these hospitals architect, build, and integrate a personalized solution using managed private cloud, public cloud, and cloud edge resources. Over the first quarter of 2022, the company announced the following cloud services integrations:

  • For fully managed compute, storage, disaster recovery, archiving, backup, security, and systems management, Doctors Hospital in the Bahamas and Franciscan Hospital for Children in Massachusetts selected OpSus Live. This Infrastructure as a Service solution provides secure hosting for healthcare EHR and enterprise applications.
  • To manage the protection of every mission-critical healthcare application in a hospital environment, a regional medical center in Montana selected OpSus Backup. A large health system in Ohio also added new enterprise applications to its existing OpSus Backup environment. OpSus Backup is a fully managed Backup as a service for the healthcare enterprise.
  • A full-service acute care hospital in New York selected OpSus Recover. The service restores data to a cloud environment prebuilt and licensed for each customer’s unique configuration. In the event of a natural disaster, business disruption, or cybersecurity event where facilities become unavailable, OpSus Recover provides temporary remote operations and access to hosted systems to enable business continuity until hospital data center operations and data can be restored.
  • Blythedale Children’s Hospital in New York selected both OpSus Backup and OpSus Recover to protect data and enable business continuity.

Additionally, as cyber and ransomware attacks on hospitals are becoming more sophisticated, a host of new healthcare IT issues have emerged. For example, in these types of attacks a hospital’s existing backups are often infected along with the primary production environment.  There has also been an increase in malicious actors targeting backup infrastructure to disrupt operations further.

To combat these growing threats, CloudWave announced its new OpSus Vault offering, recently adopted by Wooster Community Hospital in Ohio. OpSus Vault is designed to protect a healthcare organization’s valuable data backups against increasingly effective ransomware and malicious insider threats by creating a secure, offline, and immutable storage location.

OpSus Vault helps create an immutable backup consisting of a standalone copy with distinct security protocols, locked to prevent encryption, edits, and deletes. This immutable storage location keeps the protected extra copy separated from the rest of the data storage and IT environment, particularly from the domain structure, for an extra layer of insurance. OpSus Vault deploys a secure, air-gapped cloud storage location that receives a save-set from an additionally scheduled backup job. The cloud location then replicates a copy of its stored contents to a secure vault located on a separate domain with an immutable storage policy. While this immutability policy is in effect, editing and deleting data is not allowed, and access is prohibited.