Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. Announces Business Agreement with MEDHOST®

Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. has teamed up to develop integration between the OBIX Perinatal Data System and MEDHOST. Interfaces will be co-developed to provide a market solution to MEDHOST customers to facilitate clinical workflow in labor and delivery. Together, the systems will improve efficiencies and allow care providers more time to focus on patient care.

In support of industry interoperability initiatives CCSI has been working with EHR vendors, such as MEDHOST, to help hospitals meet objectives.

“Our specialty is focused in L&D, yet we understand the importance of providing a truly integrated perinatal software solution through direct collaboration with EHR vendors,” says Mark Nester, CCSI Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “We are excited to work with MEDHOST to deliver a value added OB solution that complements their current offerings.”

This partnership provides MEDHOST customers with an integrated and comprehensive OB system that enhances the power of their solutions. The systems’ integration will eliminate the need for duplicate documentation and improve workflow efficiencies. “With the CCSI partnership, MEDHOST will be able to offer our customers an innovative solution that provides perinatal care monitoring and practice improvements,” says Bill Anderson, CEO and Chairman at MEDHOST. “The OBIX system integration with our enterprise clinical solution aligns with our commitment to provide value-add solutions to our customers so they can provide excellent care to their patients.”

The OBIX system is a comprehensive, computerized system for central, bedside, and remote electronic fetal monitoring. It includes archiving, point-of-care charting, single-click management reports, interface capabilities, and multi-facility support. The system is developed using the latest technology and able to be deployed in different environments to utilize the hospital’s current strategy and infrastructure. The OBIX system’s decision support tools help clinicians promote patient safety in electronic fetal monitoring and improve practices.