CaptureProof, the Leading HIPAA-Compliant Platform for Asynchronous Patient Image Sharing, Celebrates Eleven Years of Innovation

A demo of BalanceScan

Company Builds on Smartphone Image Sharing Success with BalanceScan Fall Risk Prevention App

CaptureProof celebrates eleven years of asynchronous telehealth leadership, successful partnerships and the advent of the BalanceScan AI technology, a transformational fall risk prevention mobile app that enables patients and doctors to accurately track changes in walking and gait. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 37.3 million falls occur each year severe enough to require medical attention, with 30 percent of victims over the age of 60 suffering moderate to severe injuries including hip fractures and head trauma. WHO research has found the implementation of effective interventions such as fall-risk assessments and gait/ balance/functional training resulted in a 20% reduction in fall incidents. BalanceScan improves access to evaluations and accelerates this crucial risk prevention.

CaptureProof turns smartphones into medical tools with advanced computer vision and touchless artificial intelligence (AI) by facilitating provider-to-patient and provider-to-provider image sharing via the patented Smart Medical Camera and “Compare Carousel” with AI that goes beyond just photos and videos and automates the capture, organization and analysis of complex visual data. This secure, HIPAA-compliant tool enables patients to show their physicians a sequential story of their medical issue, and providers can review images in mere seconds, when it’s most convenient for their practice.

CaptureProof is proven to lead to an accurate diagnosis 5.45 times faster than without use of the application, and to improve triage of patients by 78%. Studies have shown the human brain can read a visual landscape in 13 milliseconds, and it takes 150 milliseconds to blink your eye. So in a fraction of a blink of an eye, providers can assess a CaptureProof image, leading to faster diagnoses along with greater understanding of their patient’s experience.

“CaptureProof’s mission to disrupt the healthcare status quo by decoupling medical care from time and location has proven to be a game changer in effective care delivery, and the medical world has taken notice and begun to catch up,” said Meghan Conroy, Founder, CaptureProof.  “Our smartphone applications are leading the next telehealth revolution – some call it Telehealth 3.0 – where patients and doctors will not just speak remotely, but share actionable photographic evidence using advanced AI to determine progress, setbacks, and make life-saving healthcare decisions, every millisecond of every day.”

CaptureProof and BalanceScan empower patients by taking simple, everyday actions – snapping a smartphone picture or shooting a quick video – and turning them into real “decisionable data”, in real time, without having to wait for an appointment. Users report that doctors can see their symptoms just as they do – when they occur, improving clear communications and helping patients feel they are believed and taken seriously about their concerns. Providers can view clear patient media in an actionable context, side-by-side compare media  consistently, and share this visual analysis with other providers for faster diagnoses and plans of action.

The company’s unique technologies work behind the pictures and videos to enable the systemic capture, automated organization, and advanced computer vision through touchless AI analysis of visual data of key medical focus areas, including fall risk (timed up and go – dual motor, cognitive), orthopedics (track gait, range of motion, and post-operative care), neurology (track post-stroke, Parkinson’s disease, tremor, palsy and epilepsy), and skin (psoriasis, wound recovery/plastic surgery, track facial trauma, Mohs post op., and aesthetic/wrinkle AI).