Axuall’s Real-Time Provider Data Network Enhances Workforce Deployment for


Partnership to provide a one-stop solution to streamline credentialing and increase onboarding efficiency

Axuall, a workforce intelligence company powered by a national real-time provider data network,  announced a strategic partnership with, a full-service locum tenens agency and operator of the industry’s largest and most-visited job board. Through this partnership and with the use of Axuall’s network, will enhance credentialing efficiencies, reduce placement and onboarding delays, combat provider burnout, meet patient demand, and help achieve financial objectives for its customers, healthcare systems and candidates.

Because credentialing requirements vary from state to state, healthcare staffing firms face the challenge of meeting stringent vetting and credentialing standards for themselves and the customers they serve. Recruiting, matching, and placing providers into roles – particularly those who work temporary or flexible schedules – has become increasingly time-consuming. Fortunately, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and connected verification networks, like Axuall, provide a competitive advantage for staffing firms seeking to remove friction, cost, and inefficiency in the process.

“Expansive, complex, and geographically diverse organizations, like, face significant challenges in optimizing their workforces, and access to real-time information regarding their clinicians’ credentials is critical,” said Charlie Lougheed, CEO and co-founder of Axuall. “We developed our network with leading healthcare systems and staffing firms in mind, not only to accelerate their deployment into care settings, but also to maintain workforce readiness and elasticity.”

During a recent pilot phase, reported that its clinicians completed their portion of the credentialing process faster than the traditional process and overall were very satisfied with the experience. Based on that data, the company plans to integrate all credentialed clinicians to the Axuall platform by the end of 2022 with a goal of ensuring a seamless experience for both its new and returning clinicians.

“Clinicians are the lifeblood of the organizations we work with each day, and for those who work in multiple locations, on short-term or hybrid assignments, credentialing can slow the time it takes to get from onboarding to bedside,” said Susanne Hodges, senior vice president of information services at “Leveraging the Axuall solution, we anticipate significantly reducing the time required to credential, thus improving patient access to care by simplifying staffing for our clients.”

Axuall continues to grow its network of providers and data partners, building on the success of commercial deployments with leading healthcare systems and staffing agencies.