Wrestling Legend and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle Partners with Sober Network Inc. to Create New Recovery Management Mobile App “AngleStrong”

Sober Network Inc., the leading provider of innovative digital solutions and award-winning mobile apps which address the multiple and varying needs of the addiction and recovery industry, will partner with Professional Wrestler and 13-time World Champion Kurt Angle to develop his AngleStrong recovery management app. Angle has been clean and sober for more than three years after battling opioid abuse and tragically lost his sister to a heroin overdose.

Sober Network Inc. announced that they have partnered with wrestling legend and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle to develop and launch his “AngleStrong” addiction recovery management app. AngleStrong, powered by Sober Network Inc.’s FlexDek platform, will focus on helping addicts stay in recovery. AngleStrong will cost users $1 per day.

“I’m excited to partner with Dr. Harold Jonas at Sober Network Inc. to launch the AngleStrong app to help recovering addicts stay in recovery,” said Kurt Angle. “The hardest part for recovering addicts is when you get out of rehab, it’s really hard not to relapse. To help reduce relapse AngleStrong’s features will provide people in recovery with access to check-ins, lifelines, reminders, direct support, more information, a personal calendar, custom profile, positive supportive messages from me – and even a monthly video conference call with me. I truly believe the AngleStrong app is going to save lives.”

FlexDek, the platform AngleStrong will be built on, is an adaptable platform designed to accommodate the development of mobile apps targeting medical, behavioral and physical diagnoses. Apps designed using FlexDek have a similar goal – to increase patient compliance with identified protocols and work to reduce relapse that often requires re-hospitalization. The FlexDek platform achieves this by offering simple yet comprehensive resources for users on their mobile phone, such as surveys, reports, goals and communication tools. Multiple services are integrated into one easy-to-use system, meeting the needs of various populations at most educational levels. As an added benefit, the FlexDek platform can be personalized to provide information and support that will be most beneficial to a user, allowing them to effectively manage their health and change unwanted and harmful behaviors.