Amplion Launches Industry’s First Patient Care Assurance Platform

Unified System Radically Raises the Bar on Nurse Call and In-Room Communication Technology While Setting the Stage for the Smart Room of the Future

Amplion Clinical Communications today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind patient care assurance platform to reduce costs, optimize clinical workflows and improve inpatient health outcomes and satisfaction. Amplion Alert, engineered specifically to fuel next level patient care, tracks care events at the patient’s bedside in real time, facilitates efficient clinical response and confirms that care was delivered.

“It’s a game-changer for how care is delivered and received,” said Amplion CEO, David Condra. “For the first time, providers have a cost-effective way to drive true accountability, improve patient experience and outcomes, and deliver unprecedented levels of transparency for patients and families.”

Amplion Alert combines advanced nurse call features with a suite of specialized messaging and reminder tools and alarm management on a single platform that can easily be upgraded with future enhancements. The platform also eliminates the need for expensive middleware and allows providers to purchase features and functionality as needs evolve and budget allows.

It’s a game-changer for how care is delivered and received. For the first time, providers have a cost-effective way to drive true accountability.

“Facilities who invest in Amplion Alert are investing in the future,” said Condra. “Our platform is the foundation for the Smart Room of the future.”

The revolutionary in-room technology helps caregivers triage alarms, nurse call requests and other patient needs. Messages are delivered to the right caregiver and escalated, as needed, based on established clinical protocols. Alarms and patient requests are also posted on monitors outside nursing stations to promote teamwork and provide unprecedented levels of transparency for patients and families. One click care confirmation verifies patients get the care they need. The system records patient room specific metrics and delivers detailed reporting and analysis by unit, by clinician and by alert type.

“Whether the patient asks for ice, pain meds, bathroom assistance or an alarm is sounding in the room, we know when a care event was triggered. We know who received the message, what time it was received, whether it was accepted or declined, where it was escalated, who accepted the task and when the care was delivered,” Condra said.

Real-time data collected by the system flows to a reporting portal that offers nursing leaders unparalleled views of workflow, staff performance and patient room activity. Hospitals get the objective data they need to make evidence-based decisions that drive true accountability and quality outcomes. Patients get the transparency they need to feel confident in the care they are receiving.

“It’s a win-win for everyone,” according to Condra. “We are committed to building a future for patient care that is smarter, safer and more satisfying. Amplion Alert is the pathway to that future at a cost hospitals can afford.”

Created with clinicians for clinicians, the platform is configurable and easily customized to address specific clinical objectives. Amplion’s Clinical Integration and Outcomes Team is comprised of clinical and technical professionals who work closely with nursing leadership to ensure rapid team adoption and maximum value. The software-based UL1069 approved system was built with interoperability in mind and exceeds UL standards, offering an unprecedented ten second supervision of every component.