ZOTT And AT&T Collaboration Revolutionizes The Patient Experience

Teens use the ZOTT platform during their hospital stay to remain connected with friends and family. ZOTT is available via any web-enabled device within the hospital environment. Content includes exclusive live-stream programming featuring online celebrities, intelligently designed educational materials, custom and private Minecraft virtual playground, live chat messaging, and a comprehensive library of gaming options. (PRNewsfoto/ZOTT)

Patients and their families will access DIRECTV for BUSINESS through ZOTT’s hospital platform

ZOTT, the new, cutting-edge patient experience solution, and AT&T, a leader in empowering the digital healthcare transformation, today announced a collaboration to further advance the patient experience. Through innovative uses of cloud computing and over-the-top content distribution technology, the companies are redefining the patient journey.

Imagine being stuck in a hospital bed for months, or even years, and being unable to go outside, pursue passions, or stay connected with the world. To make matters worse, you, and all visiting family and friends, only have a few local television channels to watch on a small TV that sits on the opposite side of the room. This is a reality that millions of people unfortunately face every year.

Now imagine a world where patients, families, and caregivers can access unique content, original live streams, countless TV channels, and compelling social experiences across all of their devices from anywhere within the hospital. Thankfully, Taylor Carol, a cancer survivor who spent five years in a hospital and then went on to graduate from Harvard to become co-founder of ZOTT, together with the ZOTT team have made this comprehensive experience the new reality.

With ZOTT, everyone has the freedom to consume content in the way that’s most comfortable to them. A patient can be in her hospital bed watching one of ZOTT’s daily original live streams from a popular YouTube influencer on her phone, while her mother and father play a game from ZOTT’s vast game library on their laptop.  Meanwhile, thanks to ZOTT’s new relationship with AT&T, the patient’s brother can simultaneously choose from extensive DIRECTV for BUSINESS℠ content. From his tablet, he can watch his favorite football team play live or even find an episode of his favorite show that he had missed.  Whether in the patient’s room, a visitor waiting area or the cafeteria, their content won’t be interrupted. ZOTT’s wireless content delivery network is active throughout the entire hospital. ZOTT and AT&T are reimagining the patient experience.

“ZOTT is the best thing that has happened for me during my hospital stay,” said Brittany, a patient at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

“ZOTT was created out of a need to provide patients and their families with engaging content, meaningful interactions, and innovative streaming technology that improves long hospital stays and physical ailments,” said Jim Carol, ZOTT and  GameChanger Charity co-founder. “AT&T enhances the content we are able to offer patients, which furthers our mission and gives patients greater choice in how they view and engage with digital and video content.”

By improving patient satisfaction, AT&T and ZOTT also seek to help improve clinical outcomes and the physical well-being of patients. Research shows that increased patient satisfaction scores correlate to less time spent in a hospital, higher quality of care, lower readmission rates, lower mortality rates, and lower odds of a minor complication.1

“AT&T supports healthcare organizations as they transform from focusing on healthcare to human care,” Maria Lensing, Vice President, Global Business Healthcare Solutions, AT&T. “Working with ZOTT to provide DIRECTV for BUSINESS on any device in the hospital helps move them a bit closer to being people, not patients.”

ZOTT will further integrate AT&T’s content into the patient experience, an endeavor the company is uniquely positioned to do under the leadership of Jon Shipman, chief technology officer for ZOTT and former founding member of Twitch.

“Too many hospitals haven’t yet adapted to this sweeping cultural change,” said Shipman. “A shift toward BYOD (bring your own device) design, built around seamless access to engaging content can have a huge impact on patients with serious illnesses while saving costs and streamlining operations.”

ZOTT offers their comprehensive service through a cloud-based content aggregation and distribution platform, where new content and experiences are added daily and all data is protected at rest and in transit. Furthermore, ZOTT employs a team of moderators who are continually watching content and interactions to ensure ZOTT is a safe space for patients, family members, and the hospitals themselves. Patients can play, learn, and socialize while hospitals can trust the content that is being displayed.

1 Relationship Between Hospital Performance on a Patient Satisfaction Survey and Surgical Quality