Zenytime Announces Consumer Solution to Measure and Change the Impact of Stress

Based on neuroscience, Zenytime uses breath-sensitive sensors and entertaining games to scientifically evaluate and help manage the physical and emotional influence of stress

With the help of the most advanced stress biomarkers and breath-interactive games, Zenytime is the first solution to allow individuals to check the actual effect of everyday stressors in real-time. Gameplay is used both to collect baseline respiration frequency and the most meaningful biomarkers of stress – heart rate variability (HRV), respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) – and to coach users toward reducing the negative impact of stress. Zenytime implements a two-tiered protocol where stress assessment and intervention are merged into short casual breath-powered games to support lasting stress management habits. This is also the first time individuals can quantify and compare scientific data on their stress levels and train the way their brain and body react to stress.

“Stress surrounds us, and it’s here to stay,” said Celine Vignal, Co-Founder of Zenytime. “While we can’t eliminate it, Zenytime is helping people track and really change how stress affects them. By visualizing its actual impact, beyond emotions, but rather at a tangible level, we can improve our health and help others to do so.”

Zenytime’s software and hardware solution, which includes a mobile app and a connected device, gamifies 0.1 Hz breath training, six controlled breathing cycles per minute. This is an evidence-based antidote for the long-term damages of stress. Zenytime’s breathing games help increase RSA (breath controlled variation in heart rate within each breath), which results over the long run in increased brain and heart healthy HRV. Zenytime monitors and delivers proprietary breath, will and brain power statuses to help users make stress management a reality. These statuses monitor the influence of stress on the brain and body, display the ability to control and regulate the bodily expression of emotions over time, and indicate the capacity of the brain to regulate itself and its influence over the body.

“Technology is changing how we access data on our bodies, from wearable activity trackers to mail order DNA programs,” said Adam Anderson, Zenytime’s Chief Neuroscience Officer. “Despite these advancements, chronic stress is still assessed subjectively through questionnaires, non-standardized tracking, or a trip to the doctor. Zenytime puts you in charge of your own stress laboratory, using technology to assess stress biomarkers and the tools to change how it affects your life.”

Zenytime is currently deploying its pioneer stress management program with a number of companies, including Fortune 500 and healthcare organizations, to improve stress and emotional health in the corporate world. The program includes comprehensive metrics and analytics in addition to games Zenytime releases regularly, designed to foster engagement. Zenytime’s platform is crowdsourcing repeated measurements on an unprecedented scale to characterize the healthy and unhealthy biomarkers of everyday stress and its potential unique fingerprint in every individual.