Zelis® and Availity® Alliance Aims to Streamline Administrative Workflows and Advance Healthcare Payments for Shared Clients


Companies partner to help accelerate reimbursement cycles and enable business continuity for payers and providers

Zelis, a provider of healthcare financial solutions, and Availity, a large national real-time health information network, have formed a strategic alliance to streamline the end-to-end process between healthcare payers and providers, from administrative workflows through payments.

The current fragmentation in the healthcare financial system affects every participant — payers, providers, and healthcare consumers — with an often confusing and frustrating user experience. For example, when a healthcare claim is processed, healthcare providers often log into multiple systems to find their claims and related payment and remittance data, and often use multiple platforms to verify the information.

Zelis and Availity recognize that together, they are uniquely positioned to help bring clarity and reduce friction by combining the power of their core administrative platforms and the related payment and remittance data. By streamlining the integration between payments and administrative workflows, the strategic alliance will ultimately help to create a more efficient, unified healthcare experience.

“Zelis has been on a mission to modernize the healthcare financial experience for nearly two decades. While there is no silver bullet, reaching across the proverbial aisle to partner with companies who are equally motivated to make healthcare work better for providers and payers is a big step forward,” said Yusuf Qasim, President of Payments Optimization for Zelis. “Coming on the heels of the development of the new Zelis Advanced Payments Platform, with its user-centric design, this is another step in the journey to make healthcare flow more seamlessly in this country, and we believe that Availity is the right partner to help make that happen with their unique footprint and strong client relationships.”

The strategic alliance between Zelis and Availity holds the potential to unlock both front-end and back-end value, such as turnkey enrollment and onboarding, a single source of access for payment and remit information, real-time analytics and dashboard capabilities, and multi-modal disbursement configurations in an omni-channel experience.

“At Availity, we believe that patient-centric care starts with simplifying the administrative processes between payers and providers. Availity and Zelis, both trusted by payers and providers for digital connectivity, have identified ways to accelerate critical processes in the healthcare system,” shared Availity CEO, Russ Thomas. “This is a situation where two companies who play crucial roles in the administrative workflow and reimbursement process are coming together to join our core capabilities in a valuable way for our mutual clients, and it’s meaningful for reducing the administrative burden for the entire system by creating shared processes and shared value.”