WINFertility Launches 1-Click Fertility Nurse Call Providing Immediate Access to Clinical Support for Patients

WINFertility Patients Receive 24/7 Access to Trained Fertility Nurse Care Managers for Real-time Support, including Treatment Options, Education, Provider Selection, and Other Common IVF Challenges. 1-Click, Real-time Fertility Nurse Call Enhances WIN’s clinical and tech-enabled platform

WINFertility, the nation’s leading fertility benefits management company with the largest portfolio of employer clients, has launched a 1-click fertility nurse call to its newly enhanced mobile app. This advanced feature allows WINFertility patients to have 24/7, real-time access to a specialized fertility Nurse Care Manager for support with treatment options, questions with medications, provider selection, and emotional support. WINFertility has the largest population of members among corporate clients of all industries and is the only fertility benefits management company with specialized fertility nurses available on-demand, 24/7.

Many women experience fear and anxiety while going through IVF, including stress over injections and fear of failure. Having the ability to connect with a trained fertility nurse, on-demand, alleviates stress and is one of the most important benefits that any infertility patient can access. The WINFertility 1-click fertility nurse call feature also allows patients to immediately access WINFertility’s Nurse Care Managers’ schedules to set an appointment at the most convenient time for the patient, submit questions, or speak with a nurse immediately.  The most common questions from patients revolve around how to administer medications, finding the right doctor, and emotional support.

Enhances Access to WINFertility’s Industry Leading Clinical Advocacy Platform

WINFertility’s robust, tech-enabled platform, contains the entire medical history for each patient, which allows any WINFertility Nurse Care Manager to respond to a patient’s needs in real-time. A trained fertility nurse builds trust and confidence with their patients who are going through a challenging journey with infertility. The ability for a patient to be able to reach out to a skilled professional at the moment they need them is an invaluable opportunity for those going through infertility.

“WIN’s 1-Click Nurse call option addresses a critical gap in care for women going through an infertility journey,” said Dr. Barry Witt, Medical Director with WINFertility.  “Cycle success is driven by having lower stress opportunities and the 1-Click Nurse call option delivers the level of comfort and reliability a fertility patient needs at one of the most important and stressful times in their life.”

For more than 20 years, WIN has been a trusted leader in managing family-building benefits. The company is continuously enhancing its technology-enabled clinical care management and remains committed to its innovative approach to family-building benefit solutions that improve patient access to the best doctors, technology and emotional support.

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