Vynca Secures $30 Million in Funding to Expand Integrated Palliative Care Platform


Growth Capital to Expand Footprint Nationally and Accelerate Technology Development

Vynca, a tech-enabled holistic palliative care provider, has raised $30 million in growth capital. The investment was led by Questa Capital with participation from existing investors including Generator VenturesFirst Trust Capital Partners, 4100 Group and OCA Ventures.”

Vynca partners with healthcare providers, payers and risk-bearing entities to address the needs of those battling serious illnesses, including congestive heart failure, cancer and end-stage renal disease. By leveraging technology and interdisciplinary care teams, the company’s solution improves the experience of the individual and the caregiver before and during end-of-life transitions, which is when more than $205 billion is spent annually in the United States.

“Vynca has emerged as an industry leader when it comes to providing whole-person care for patients dealing with serious illnesses. The company’s model, which incorporates virtual palliative care services, advance care planning, care coordination, symptom management and provider engagement, is truly unique, integrated and highly scalable,” said Brad Sloan, Managing Partner, Questa Capital. “As investors, we have studied the space for several years and believe that Vynca is well-positioned to improve care quality at a national scale, especially in the context of an evolving value-based care environment.”

Over 90 million people are currently experiencing a range of serious illnesses, yet historically they have not had timely and meaningful care relationships for achieving their end-of-life wishes. Vynca’s solutions empower clinicians and partners to achieve better outcomes for this population, while also enabling organizations to enter value-based arrangements with multiple stakeholders.

“Patients and clinicians have long recognized the value of palliative care in the context of end-of-life transitions, as well as an effective complement to curative treatments for serious illnesses” added Aabed Meer, MD, Partner, Questa Capital. “Vynca assists industry leaders like Intermountain, Ochsner and Sutter in caring for such patients, and we are honored to partner with an organization that will positively impact many more lives.”

With this latest investment, Vynca will grow its clinical services organization and expand its technology suite to meet the needs of value-based care programs, in addition to traditional care paradigms. Given the company’s rapid growth over the last two years, Vynca now serves thousands of patients through its virtual palliative care platform and has delivered over one million unique advanced care plans across all 50 states to patients and their families.

“Millions of Americans do not have access to high-quality serious illness care, and our goal is to expand access nationally to every person in need,” said Ryan Van Wert, MD, CEO and Co-Founder, Vynca. “With this latest round of funding, we are poised to further invest in our talent and technology, both valuable assets that will play such a significant role as we look to successfully expand the reach and impact of our offering moving forward.”