VisiQuate Announces Expansion of its Payer Action Center that Can Help Providers Reclaim Millions in Unpaid Claims


New solution enables health systems to intelligently manage payer-provider relations and crowdsource learnings with peers

VisiQuate, a leading provider of advanced analytics, intelligent workflow, results-driven services and AI-powered automation offerings announced new availability to its Payer Action Center cohorts.

VisiQuate’s Payer Action Center solution proactively identifies areas of payer misbehavior and provides a comprehensive command center for hospitals’ and health systems’ payer relationship management. Users are able to identify, track, and escalate claims that have been incorrectly – or never – adjudicated.

As a part of the expansion, VisiQuate customers will now be able to crowdsource learnings from one another, allowing for industry-first, real-time collaboration on healthcare revenue cycle problems. Several of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations have already started participating in this groundbreaking platform’s early Payer Action Center cohorts, enabling them to easily and effectively leverage each other’s findings.

These initial, small cohorts realized millions of dollars in yield improvement within weeks of leveraging VisiQuate’s new Payer Action Center, with one large Epic client in the Northeast finding nearly $3M in unpaid claims that had not been identified in their source system workqueues (a.k.a. “Black Hole Accounts”), in just the first week alone.

Brian Roberson, CEO, VisiQuate, said the company is proud to empower healthcare organizations to have better command of their payer relationships. “We believe that sharing revenue cycle insights among the community will drive strong yield for healthcare organizations.”

VisiQuate’s Payer Action Center uses intelligence from decades of healthcare revenue cycle experience and curated insights across VisiQuate’s client base to provide users a pulse on real-time industry challenges, with the ability to immediately see how the organization is being impacted. With the new solution, discussions with payers are far more productive than before. Users have instant access to complete, comprehensive lists of incorrectly adjudicated accounts, which a hospital or health system can quickly use to identify and use to prove its case.

“We’re thrilled that our clients are seeing immediate, tangible benefits,” said Jacob Wilkinson, Director of Product, VisiQuate. “These early wins are just the tip of the iceberg. With the Payer Action Center available to more hospitals, we expect to see a positive ripple effect in our collaborative community.”

If a provider is interested in joining its peers in a Payer Action Center cohort, and finally getting the reimbursement it’s due, visit for more information.

VisiQuate will be giving a sneak preview of the groundbreaking tool at VisiQuate’s booth #615 at the HFMA Annual Conference in Denver next week.