ViiMed and LMC Diabetes & Endocrinology Launch Digital Platform for Diabetes Management

New programs will reach over 30,000 patients with diabetes to improve self-management, expand access to care, and enable seamless reporting for future research

ViiMed®, a leading digital health platform, and LMC Diabetes & Endocrinology, the largest diabetes specialist care provider in North America, announced a partnership to bring diabetes education and management programs to more than 30,000 patients. The programs, delivered via telehealth, will expand access and help patients self-manage their condition for better outcomes. For providers, the partnership will foster greater patient engagement and satisfaction, save time, and reduce operational costs.

Diabetes affects 415 million people around the world, or roughly one in eleven adults, and is expected to impact 642 million people by 2040. If left unmanaged, diabetes can lead to life-threatening complications such as stroke, heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, and lower limb amputation. Diabetes also carries a huge economic burden, with 12 percent of global health expenditures spent on the condition. Digital technologies can help individuals with diabetes better manage their condition and lower the risk of complications. They can also improve access to health care and drive efficiencies in care delivery.

LMC will use ViiMed’s cloud-based platform to educate, coach and empower patients to adopt healthier behaviors and improve health outcomes. Patients will have access to personalized diabetes management programs that are tailored to meet their unique needs. The platform will allow patients to interact with their diabetes educator and extended care team, participate in educational activities, track meals and physical activity, and measure key health indicators. By driving long-lasting behavior change amongst individuals, including those in hard-to- reach rural areas, the programs can help reduce risk factors and improve health outcomes for those living with diabetes.

“As a diabetes educator, I want to coach my patients to lead a healthy lifestyle and improve their overall well-being,” said Ashleigh Walker, registered nurse, certified diabetes educator and manager of the diabetes education program at LMC. “One of the biggest challenges I face is keeping up with patient communications and managing the progress of the patients under my care. ViiMed gives me a number of ways to interact and engage with my patients between visits so I can offer them the support they need. Its interactive dashboard also gives me a quick glance at how each of my patients is progressing, so I can check in with those who need me most.”

Patients will have access to their care team from any device through two-way video and text communication, providing a “virtual safety net” for questions or concerns once they leave the office. For clinicians and diabetes educators, the platform will provide more insight into patients’ progress over time and allow them to intervene, when necessary.

“ViiMed is the best-kept secret in digital health,” said Mark Angelo, CEO of LMC. “After evaluating a number of digital platforms, we selected ViiMed because the technology is flexible enough to grow with us over time and deliver a range of programs, including weight loss, diabetes prevention, and diabetes management. The team there is responsive and agile, and we believe together, we can have an incredible impact on tens of thousands of lives.”

LMC is also a global leader in diabetes clinical research and has the largest registry of outcomes data in North America, with more than 120,000 patients in its database and 24,000 new patients added each year. ViiMed will support this comprehensive effort to collect, measure and analyze outcomes data to drive clinical decision-making and future research in diabetes and endocrinology.

“We believe partnerships are critical to solving today’s healthcare challenges,” said Phil Newman, co-founder and CEO of ViiMed. “LMC is one of the most respected names in diabetes specialist care and research, and we’re thrilled to help them improve care delivery and patient outcomes using the ViiMed platform. This partnership is an important milestone for ViiMed to expand beyond the United States and deploy to an international audience.”

The two companies are evaluating plans to expand their partnership in areas like diabetes prevention, weight loss, and corporate wellness initiatives. ViiMed integrates with LMC’s electronic health record, Accuro®, for a seamless workflow and reporting stream.