Validic’s Suite of Digital Health Solutions Demonstrate Improved Health Outcomes, Member Engagement Across Supported Programs

Validic Enables Virtual Care Management and In-Home Patient Support Programs, Driving Value-Based Care for Seven of the 10 Largest Health Plans in US

Validic, the provider of the industry’s premier platform and solutions to orchestrate personal health data, today released an industry best practice report for launching and scaling digital health programs, “Scaling Care at Home for Condition Management: Leading Operations, ROI, and Market Trends.”

The data-driven report details:

  • The rapid advancement of market trends relating to digital health and virtual care.
  • Step-by-step technical and operational best practices from leading healthcare executives.
  • Results from Validic-powered chronic condition management programs, demonstrating improved health outcomes, member engagement, and operational efficiency.

Built on Validic’s health data platform, which integrates more than 500 health and medical-grade devices, the company’s enterprise suite of digital health solutions enable remote monitoring and in-home support for patients with a host of conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, COPD, heart disease, and COVID-19. Clients leveraging the Validic platform, which reaches more than 5 million users or “connected lives,” and integrable digital health solutions reported meaningful ROI within 12 months of launching their programs.

“To date, Validic has supported more than 200 digital health and virtual care programs, including the largest centralized remote patient monitoring program in the country, which has enrolled nearly 200,000 people over the last three years,” said Drew Schiller, CEO of Validic. “What is most impactful is how these programs are improving health outcomes and reducing burden for clinical teams at scale. These programs deliver care that fits naturally in people’s day-to-day lives and helps alleviate clinician burnout. They are key to the sustainability and future of our healthcare system.”

In addition to market drivers for virtual health-led condition management, the report offers specifics on results from programs powered by Validic’s technology, which include:

  • Patients with Stage 2 hypertension reached normal blood pressure ranges within 45 days of program participation and were able to maintain normal ranges after one year.
  • Blood glucose levels among patients with diabetes decreased 6% on average within the first 30 days of the program and 15% within the first 45 days of the program.
  • 75% of patients were still actively submitting device-generated data to their care provider after 90 days in the program.
  • An average of 3,795 patients are added to chronic condition management programs each month.
  • Call times between patients and nurses decreased by 63%, from 15 minutes to 5.5 minutes, in one program supported by Validic Impact.
  • Among members enrolled in the remote monitoring program for Type 2 diabetes, the average A1c dropped from 9.3 to 8.4 within 65 days.

The findings demonstrate how Validic’s suite of solutions are positioned to help healthcare systems and health plans drive improved health outcomes and operational efficiencies at scale for an increasingly sick population. Though people are living longer, the data suggests they are not living healthier — 60% of all Americans have at least one chronic condition and 80% of Americans 65 and older have more than one chronic condition. Meanwhile, consumer expectations around access to care continue to push for digital transformation, as 41% of Gen-Z and one-third of millennials say they prefer virtual care options to in-person care.

“At our core, Validic is the platform for continuous health data, and we will continue to work with the leaders across healthcare to meaningfully improve peoples’ quality of life,” said Brian Carter, Chief Product Officer at Validic. “Our focus is delivering best-in-class user experiences and machine learning capabilities, enabling leading payer and IDN organizations to launch and expand condition management, population health and personalized wellness programs. These programs are especially critical to the future of care delivery in the U.S. as healthcare becomes increasingly digitized and consumer-driven.”

To download the full report and learn more about market trends, best practices, and program results from Validic’s virtual health solutions, visit: “Scaling Care at Home for Condition Management: Leading Operations, ROI, and Market Trends.”