Validic Launches Next-Generation Connectivity Platform With Continuous Data, Configurable Rules

At CHC17, Validic launches healthcare’s most advanced connectivity platform with data streams, adherence rules, enhanced data model

Validic, the leading provider of data connectivity solutions for healthcare, announced today the launch of Inform, Validic’s next-generation data connectivity platform. Inform provides a robust and scalable architecture offering the ability to stream near real-time data into your system and set configurable rules signaling which data should be acted upon. As healthcare’s first streaming platform providing access to personal health data, this release signals an important shift for Validic and the larger healthcare market toward improved remote care, preventive wellness, and continuous monitoring programs.

Consistently, Validic has proven to be a leader in connected health, pioneering the most advanced connectivity solutions available to providers, payers, pharma, wellness, and health IT.  The Inform technology retrieves, standardizes, and delivers continuous streams of user-permissioned health data from nearly 400 clinical and consumer data sources. Similar to the previous iteration of Validic’s connectivity platform, personal health data is accessible via a single, secure connection point between your system and Validic’s behind-the-scenes platform.

Inform’s state-of-the-art streaming capabilities provide the most efficient means to integrating continuous, near real-time personal health data from home health devices – meaning the data is accessible to practitioners as soon as the event occurs. With the addition of configurable rules, a practitioner can set triggers that notify him or her when a reading falls outside a set threshold or when a reading has not been submitted. Together, these functionalities provide a forward-looking platform focused on turning disparate data into action and insights.

“Inform signals an important shift for Validic’s core offering today,” Validic CEO Drew Schiller said. “Validic is providing the next-generation platform for healthcare with the ability to stream continuous, near real-time patient health data. Continuous monitoring data, time series data, and data points not yet integrated by healthcare require a platform that can push data in near real-time. This is the platform we have re-engineered for healthcare. It allows for scale. It enables only the most important data to trigger events or actions. And, perhaps most importantly, it provides the structure for personal health events to be delivered to care or program managers as soon as they happen.”

Moreover, the critical enhancements made as part of the Inform development also enable Validic to support more data entering the system and ensure scale as millions of users continue to be added. The enhanced data model offers simplified data context, metrics, and reporting features and allows for scalability ensuring future device and data types are added routinely. Currently, Validic’s Inform platform is the only streaming data platform available in healthcare.

For more information on Validic Inform, please visit us at the Connected Health Conference Booth #217. You can also join Validic CEO Drew Schiller in his session with Ochsner Health System, Fitbit Health Solutions, Qualcomm Life, and Nokia Digital Health discussing “Wearables in the Clinical Setting” on Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 1:40pm EDT.