Validic Forms Strategic Relationship With SAP To Accelerate Utilization Of Patient Health Data

Validic’s Digital Health Platform to integrate patient-generated health data into SAP Connected Health platform

Validic, the industry’s leading digital health platform providing seamless access to patient-generated health data, announced a strategic relationship with SAP. Through this strategic relationship, healthcare and life science organizations can accelerate the development and delivery of patient-centered solutions to improve health outcomes, reduce costs and provide a personalized approach to medicine. This announcement was made at the SAP Personalized Medicine Forum in Bonn, Germany.

Technology and healthcare are converging in powerful ways enabling better access to care, better treatment options and better opportunities for engagement. The massive amount of patient data now available to healthcare stakeholders offers new opportunities to deliver personalized medicine and value-based care. Powering the shift toward personalized medicine is the integration of patient-generated health data captured outside of the clinical setting into care treatment plans, clinical research studies, remote monitoring programs and preventative wellness initiatives. Through this strategic relationship, Validic enables SAP and its global healthcare clients the opportunity to scale the access patient data from clinical devices, wearables and consumer health applications. Having a broad set of patient data integrated into one system will allow healthcare providers to better analyze a patient’s health, resulting in personalized treatment options.

“Validic’s industry expertise on the delivery and utilization of patient-generated health data complements SAP’s vision to deliver the SAP Connected Health platform built and designed for patients and healthcare professionals to ultimately improve health outcomes,” said Dr. Werner Eberhardt, chief product officer of SAP Connected Health. “SAP is building an ecosystem of partners on the SAP Connected Health platform to enable an effective use of health related data. Validic’s global impact and leadership across a number of healthcare and life science verticals make them an ideal partner to add to this growing ecosystem.”

Announced in May of this year, the SAP Connected Health platform enables the processing and real-time analysis of big data from various medical sources in a single system – integrating clinical data from electronic medical records, biological data from genome sequencing and Internet of Things (IoT) data from consumer and clinical health devices. Validic’s digital health platform, delivering access to health insights from over 280 connected health devices and applications, will provide the necessary patient-generated health data integration component for SAP Health Engagement solution.  The SAP Health Engagement solution is part of the portfolio of healthcare offerings built on the SAP Connected Health platform.

“Together, SAP and Validic will build health solutions that empower patients, caregivers and researchers to realize the potential of personalized medicine,” said Drew Schiller, co-founder and CEO of Validic. “Increasingly, care will be managed, measured and influenced outside the four walls of the hospital or clinical setting. Leveraging and integrating patient-generated health data is becoming a market necessity for healthcare, wellness and life science organizations aiming to improve the health of their populations. The strategic relationship with SAP will help fuel the use of actionable data from clinical remote monitoring devices, wearables and health applications – key to providing an innovative, patient-centered connected health approach.”

Recently, based on its recent analysis of the healthcare data interoperability market, Frost & Sullivan recognized Validic with the its Visionary Innovation Leadership Award, stating Validic has become the industry leader and de facto standard in digital health data connectivity and interoperability.