Topflight Fund and Allheartz to Bring AI-Powered Remote Musculoskeletal Care to Patients


In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, providing comprehensive support to healthcare startups has become paramount. Topflight, a healthcare innovation product design company has launched its maiden fund, Topflight Fund, with the aim of supporting healthcare startups from ideation to launch. The fund offers a suite of services, including rapid prototyping, proof of concepts, product development, scalability support, fundraising, and experienced compliance assistance. With a focus on partnership and equity and over a decade of experience in software development, Topflight Fund is committed to helping startups navigate the challenges of the healthcare industry and achieve long-term success. 

Allheartz, a revolutionary AI healthcare technology company specializing in remote musculoskeletal care, has partnered with Topflight Fund. This partnership builds upon the existing relationship between the two companies with Topflight having begun design and development work on the Allheartz application in 2021.  The Topflight Fund is a unique take on the venture studio model, however, as it is entirely owned by the Topflight product team to align incentives with long-term value creation for Fund companies.

By pooling their collective experience and resources, the two companies have been able to revolutionize the healthcare ecosystem, delivering unparalleled patient outcomes and significantly reducing the need for in-person visits. Allheartz has been able to cut the time spent on administrative tasks by up to 80%, freeing up clinicians to focus on delivering top-quality care. 

Allheartz is transforming the healthcare industry through AI-powered software by enabling patients to access high-quality care through their smartphones, thanks to their medical-grade musculoskeletal (MSK) and wearable-free sports sensors. The app’s autonomous and remote care capabilities can significantly impact the healthcare industry by accelerating equity and access, improving the journey of patients and clinicians alike while reducing the need for in-person appointments.  

“I had this very specific vision of what I wanted to put out there,” Colin Mansfield, the founder of Allheartz, said about the initial partnership between Allheartz and Topflight that began in 2021. “Topflight came in with a lot of expertise, mentorship, experience… one of the greatest things I found was that the team I was working with was ex-founders, people who had been through this themselves.”

The next step during this partnership involves taking Allheartz to market with pilot sites across the US which include private small-group practices and range up to large multihospital health system networks. This process will utilize customer discovery based on early adopters to validate a product-market fit, and obtain key industry partnerships with larger hospital AI-based initiatives, allowing us to  accelerate adoption and refine the AI algorithm with larger datasets to continuously improve the Allheartz app throughout the partnership.