Tennessee Hospital Association Welcomes New Strategic Partner, VirtuSense


Artificial Intelligence–Powered Sensor Technology Reduces Patient Falls by 96%

THA Center for Innovative Solutions (TCIS) announced a new strategic partnership with VirtuSense, an artificial intelligence (AI) solution that detects and prevents patient falls before they occur. The solution is used across acute and post-acute care settings, resulting in 96% reduction in patient falls with injury.  In addition, the company has developed an ecosystem of solutions, such as telehealth, wireless vitals monitoring and virtual rounding, to support clinical staff and prevent adverse health events, and was recently recognized as one of the most innovative companies in 2022 by Fast Company. Through the partnership, Tennessee hospitals gain access to advanced fall prevention technology, telehealth, telenursing and remote patient monitoring to relieve nursing burdens, realize cost savings and prevent harmful falls.

“We recognize the significant value that VirtuSense’s innovative platform offers Tennessee hospitals, particularly the direct contribution to patient health and safety,” said TCIS Senior Vice President Joe Greene. “We look forward to making more of our member hospitals aware of our new partner and their pioneering technology.”

In a time when nursing shortages and burnout are at an all-time high, VirtuSense’s AI-powered sensor technology relieves nursing burdens and helps care facilities realize $289 million in savings by preventing harmful falls. “VirtuSense’s mission is to advance healthcare by making care proactive and not reactive,” said Deepak Gaddipati, founder and chief technology officer, VirtuSense. “We are committed to providing hospitals with an affordable turnkey solution that arms their nursing teams with tools to work more efficiently, reduce workload, remotely monitor patients in real-time, and focus on quality care without being bogged down by busywork.”

Instead of cameras that invade patients’ privacy, the AI-powered sensor technology detects and predicts bed and chair exits 30 to 65 seconds before the patient gets up. This unique capability significantly reduces patient falls and saves hospitals millions in direct and indirect costs. VirtuSense’s algorithm learns the habits of the monitored patient, leading to 95% fewer false alarms, thereby drastically reducing alarm fatigue. VirtuSense’s suite of products also includes AI-based monitoring to notify clinicians of sudden/progressive changes in vitals, virtual nurse mentoring and training, and automated floor management.

“We are honored to be selected by TCIS as a strategic partner for our industry-leading suite of solutions,” said VirtuSense Chief Growth Officer Aditya Nath. “With help from TCIS, we intend to deliver unprecedented clinical value and financial ROI to THA member hospitals in areas of fall prevention, telehealth, telenursing and remote patient monitoring.”